Cast iron brands

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I have Le Creuset never will buy anything else
My Son bought me the bread oven for Christmas . I'm completely sold on it .
Quality piece hands down .
Daughter got me a pie pan , it's ceramic but same deal . Quality .
Been looking at the Dutch Ovens .
Here is an interesting graphic on the chemistry of cast-iron cookware. I learned I'm not seasoning mine at a sufficiently high temperature (450F is recommended)

There is a whole series of these on other topics, some food and cooking-related; it's an interesting way to present the science.
Doubt that you've been doing it wrong... I've seasoned alot of cast iron and have never gone that high of temp.

It helps to know the smoke point of whatever oil you choose to use. Exceeding that smoke point does absolutely no good other than (maybe) darkening the pan a bit.
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I never had any luck at 450 . I didn't get a good seasoning until I followed the Kent Rollins method of 350 .
Me too . Then the first time I cooked with it blotches appeared and I Was bummed because my pretty pan turned ugly. Then I started to just cook with it. Butter, lard, Grapeseed oil, bacon grease, Wagyu spray, olive oil etc. My pan looks like a zit faced teenager but it’s beautiful now. Nothing sticks, it does everything it is supposed to do. It will turn pretty with heat, oil and TIME. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.