Can't edit signature, colors, or smiley faces

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 13, 2007
Naples, Florida

I try to edit my signature and can't see anywhere to change it. I can retype but no font size, color, etc. Also, when I reply to messages I see no way to change color or add symbols. I saw on one thread to look at the top of the bar and click on the A or arrow next to it to change color. None of this is showing up on my screen??? Any ideas?

Thanks for help.

I finally found the link to activate the other options with color and smiley faces, etc. Rather challenging but figured it out

Glad you got it figured out NaplesRoo. Sometimes when you really want good dirt, you gotta dig through some poo to find it.
Mark, Glad you figured it out, I guess I am a little slow because I am having the same problem but so far no luck with setting the options. Can you please share your solution???? Thanks

Try one more time:

User CP > Edit Options > scroll down to Miscellaneous Options > select Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing > click on save changes when finished.

If that doesn't work then PM TulsaJeff, you may have a problem with your profile.

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