Canadian weather forecaster !

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Jul 17, 2005
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Found this in Sunday's newspaper .... just when you have thought you had seen, heard or experienced just about everything .... something like this comes along

TOMPKINS, Sask. - Southwestern Saskatchewan is mourning the loss of a retired farmer who garnered international fame by biting pig spleens to forecast the weather - sometimes with amazing accuracy.

Using a technique learned from his father, Gus Wickstrom, 69, would slaughter a pig, pluck out its spleen, bite into it, and come up with a forecast for the area around Tompkins

Wickstrom was so good that he was featured in The Old Farmers Almanac.

Thought I'd share this because it has something to do with meat.
Love to hear any other weird stories that may be lurking around ....
Lessee, biting a pig's organ to forecast the weather... I wonder what led someone to make that connection...
this is a funny one... i use to live about 1/2hr away from this guy... use to hear about this guy all the time... he lived about 5 minutes away from my fishing hole.... strange strange
would you? lmao

and yes squeezy, we are a wierd enough but we are mostly harmless...unless of course you make fun of our beer or
Don't get me going about hockey ... no more Stanley Cup in Canada ... unless someone gives a ****!
Beer on the other hand ... I can and will defend relentlessly!
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