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Canadian Tire Selection - Help me choose!


Joined May 16, 2007
Hi everyone,

Want to try out smoking meat, don't know what quite to choose! There are two charcoal smokers available on the website, and I see a lot written about one with mods and all that (the infamous ECB it seems). But given the option to start off with one of these two, which would you go for?



A bit more expensive than the ECB:


Thanks in advance for the help! I took a look around to see if there were any reviews on the more expensive one on the site, but didn't come up with anything.


triple b

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Joined Feb 27, 2007
Welcome to SMF fellow Canadian!
I have an actual ECB and a looka like.
But my brother "Squeezy" has an ECB and an offset and the Red one from CTC.
He'll probably see this thread and give you his thoughts.
I'm still new and workin on it.
I like my ECB's
But yearn for more!

Right now I'd say both!

t-bone tim

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Hello Glenndon..why don't you drop by the roll call ,and tell us a little about yourself ,so everyone can give you a proper welcome !!! I don't have either of those smokers but been lookin at them and think both will do the trick ...but personally would try the more expensive of the two ..just my .02 worth ..pop on over to roll call !! welcome to SMF


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Welcome to SMF. make sure you head to the roll call to get a proper welcome from everyone else. As far as what smoker to get, it really is an issue of money, space, and what you plan to do with it. Everyone has their own preference.


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then you have to add the firebox if you want it for another $69

he can find a smililar one from CT for $74.99 on sale right now...

off topic... where did you get your GOSM in canada?


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Hi glenndon and welcome to SMF ... first of all let me say that our choices here are somewhat limited, but with perseverance we can overcome.

Regarding the ECBs, I don't use charcoal and have converted to propane. If you are just starting out, I would reccomend the vertical water smoker. It is easier than many others.

I picked up an offset last summer and haven't had much experience with it yet. It is also converted to propane. I like the extra cooking area it provides. Mine is a fair bit bigger than the one they are offering at Crappy Tire, so I wouldn't reccomend it.

They also have the Centros electric that looks like a mini fridge and many have purchased it. You could ask others about it.

Anyhow, if you have any other specific questions, I'll do my best to help.
Hope I helped in some way.


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The Char-griller is much heavier built than the CT one.

I got my GOSM last year at Walmart. Just a 36" narrow one.

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