Canadian Thanksgiving ... Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by squeezy, Oct 9, 2007.

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    Down at the lake, using my offset on a full packer 12.9 lbs. Put her on at 5:20 Sat. afternoon.
    Injected with marinade just before going on. Reserved some for mopping.
    Mustard slather with seasonings and smoked with Mesquite, Oak & Maple for about 6 hours (10:45) when internal was about 160ºF
    Placed in roasting pan and foiled ... came off at about 8:15 Sun. AM, wrapped it in a blanket at internal 190º until just after noon. Temp was 150º when I pulled the point and sliced the flat.
    Very happy with the result ... and so was everyone else!
    Little woman said it was better than what we had in Texas.
    Sorry I couldn't provide more Q-view ... a little wobbly though the night! LOL
    The weather was just awesome ... mid 70s during the day ... coldest time was about 6 am .. 59º [​IMG]
    Almost forgot, after removing the brisket, I put on a modified batch of Dutch's beans.

    BTW ... we had turkey on Monday!

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    Great Q-view Squeezy, Now I am starvin. [​IMG]
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    Looking good Squeezy!!
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    Looks great, nice bark and moist!

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