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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by buckeye smoker, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. How long can you leave the tenderloin in the fridge with the TenderQuick on it? I bought the TenderQuick tonight but don't know what the weather will do.
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    I haven't used TenderQuick so I don't have direct experience. However, I have used Buckboard on several occasions .... all with great results ..... except for once. I was distracted when I needed to take the loin out of the cure so I left it in for three or four extra days. The canadian bacon was good but too salty ..... even after soaking is cold water before cooking. I suspect you may experience a similar result. Good luck. Just had a second thought. Even if you can't smoke it when the cure time is up, take it out of the cure, rinse all the cure off it and store it in the frige. Then smoke it when the weather permits.
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    Was a rough night for you last night I'm sure. Thought the Buckeyes would win this one.

    Anyway, I'm curing a pork loin now for Canadian bacon. It is about 7 lbs. The ratio recommended on the Tenderquick bag says 1 tablespoon per lb. I mixed the 7 T of tenderquick with about a cup og brown sugar and rub that into the meat throughly. I let it cure for 5 days in the fridge turning the meat over daily. I then "freshen" it by rinsing off all of the salt/sugar off the outside and then soak it in cold water for an hour or so changing the water a few time in the process. Pull the meat from the water and let it dry. You are now ready for the smoker. I set it at 165o for an hour and then hit it with smoke. After about 4 hour I bump the temp up to 175o and let it go until I get an internal temp of 165o.

    This is probably more info than you needed but I think once the meat has the cure rinsed away and freshened then you could probably store in the fridge for a couple of days before you smoke it.

  5. Yup, it was a rough one. Thought I was in Hell.........Michigan[​IMG]

    I haven't started yet, but was just trying to figure out how much leeway I had because the forecast here is wet for a while.

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    your loin will be ok in the fridge for a few days-after all it's cured-don't let sit to long though-I made 9#s few weeks ago-WOW good stuff-good luck.

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