Calling all Okies in & around Tulsa

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 11, 2007
Vancouver, Wa.
Seeing the number of post from folks in the Tulsa area it got me thinking and recalling old memories, from the 40's.

Is Tulsa's famous, well famous to me, landmark still there? What I'm talking about is the tall building with the colored lights on top?

I recall it from when I was a little shaver. One set of grandparents lived out near Sand Springs and the other closer to down town and we lived in Oakhurst. Always remember coming back from a day at the grandparents & when we got near down town seeing the "skyscraper" with the changing lights on top.
Maybe the Atlas Life Building it has neon on top of it. There was also a old building that att still has I have heard it used to change colors long ago.

Thanks zgnf05

Since this was more than 50 yrs ago I suspect it is the older building. From your comment I suspect it no longer has the lights. Seems I recall the building had a parimid shaped peak and all 4 sides of the peak lit up, seem to recall 4 different colors.

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