Calling All Iowa Smokers

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Jul 14, 2006
Since there has been such a massive influx of us, how bout we have a little get together on the 1st of Sept., something qwick and sweet, maybe cook afew ribs and a couple beverages.? Location?? we could do my place in Nevada but i have no shade , someone else got some shade, or a park some where??? any intrest?? what do you think??? post up or pm me.
WD, just watched the vid in your sig line..........lordy, that's funny!!!

"a corn dog in one hand, a budweiser in the tattoo is growing!!".............dang, that's funny!
If We could move it to another weekend like the one after, we could have it at My Brothers in Ankeny Ia.

I got me some rabbits we can smoke up also

That may work, i got kids that week, but they ain't trouble for anyone but me.

What ever works for the majority works for me.
I' getten hungrey, a brisket may require a early morning, but like i always say " you can't smoke all day if you don't start in the mornig"
How about we shoot for Middle or End of Sept. Do it on a Saturday so we can have plenty of time to have some adult beverages. We could all smoke something and bring it. Matt has a nice roomy place in Ankeny Ia to have it at. What do you guys think? Second or third week in sept? Atleast that way it will be Sqquirrel season! :)

Dude, i think i'm screwed for doing for a while, harvest is hitting and we got way to many projects to get completed/started along with all the service calls i'll have to take care of, maybe late oct.?
Sucks to be an Electrician now
The colder it gets out, the less ice we'll need for the beer. after the last few mornings, i think we may have a early winter is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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