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    This is a recipe that my in-laws have used for years and was passed down to them. Pretty simple, but we like it. The pic below was our last sausage project. My father-in-law likes to do things the old way, so we butchered the hog ourselves. We had sausage for months. Here is the recipe. Don't know how you all will like it, but we like it.

    Pork Sausage
    1. For every 12 pounds of meat (Usually about 9 pounds of lean and 3 pounds of fat) use the following.
    5 Tablespoons of salt
    1 Tablespoon of Black Pepper
    1 Tablespoon of Red Pepper (Cayenne)
    (Increase the Red Pepper to suit your taste. Some double the Red Pepper)
    In addition to the above you may use the following if you like. I don't add it, but the recipe has it on.
    2 Tablespoons of Powdered Sage
    1/4 Teaspoon of Nutmeg
    1/4 Teaspoon of Thyme

    2. Cut the meat and then apply the seasoning uniformly before grinding it. Stuff the sausage immediately. If not, them the meat will dry out which will make it difficult to stuff. If that happens, then add 10% cold water amd mix thoroughly to make a pliable mass to aid in stuffing.

    (This is atually on the recipe, but we sure don't do that. Think this recipe goes way back)
    If the sausage is to be smoked, it should hang two or three days to cure it at a temperature from 38 to 40 degrees. After curing, smoke until light brown using hickroy wood. This should take 2 days.

    Guess I need to go to the class on image resizing.
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    Thanks for the recipe. I am assuming that the last part is for cold smoking.

    The following is just my opinion:
    But I think 2 days of cold smoke is way too much for sausage. The longest I have cold smoked sausage was 8 hours.
  3. travcoman45

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    Sounds might fine, gonna have ta give this a try come winter. Thanks fer sharin!
  4. cajunsmoke13

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    Now we don't follow that last part. We smoke ours for a few hours and that's it. This is a really old recipe and guess how they did it back in the day...One section even includes this Note: Vessels for curing meat should be barrels or casks, large stone jars or boxes. All containers must be cleaned and well scalded before using. That section is after their recipe for Dry Sugar Cured Ham and Bacon. Nice to see these old recipes passed down to the next generations.
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    Sounds good! maybe a little mace to give it an after bite, but who am I to change a family recipe. We recently found my grandparents Kielbasa recipe and I'll have to try it this fall. Good luck with your sausage and smoke!
  6. travcoman45

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    Would ya like ta share them dry sugar cures too? Be nice ta have!

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