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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
Anybody seen Buzzard lately? Starting to think that weird hat Up In Smoke put on him was some type of Alien space transport thingie
His user profile shows his last activity at yesterday (3-26) at 7:54 PM, guess he just doesn't wanna talk much lately.
Maybe if he sees his name in the lights he will say something.

Keep bumping the thread please
I just shot him a e-mail, I don't know if you remember but quite a while back in the "Breaking Wind" thread he said he had an interest in the Ohio State propane tank cover, so I PM'd him and said I had picked one up if he still was interested, he sent me his e-mail and paid and I sent it on it's way.....I never heard back from him.
Sure hope all is well.
I was wonderingthe same thing for the past week or so, but I saw a post to one of the newbies today by him so he's back someplace.

We miss you Buzzard!
Last time I spoke (e-mailed) with Buzzard he mentioned he was studying for some classes, guess he's been busy ............. But I have seen him logged on for a minute or two here or there.

Buzzard ..... That rub is Kick A$$ ............. Thanks again

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