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Aug 29, 2006
Manhattan Beach, CA
Labor day weekend is set to be my first all night brisket. The mother in law (of less than 3 weeks) offers to buy the meat. Sure, I say - "I need 2 packers cut 10lb briskets." I even explained why I wanted packers cut - for at least a quarter inch of fat. Today, she proudly shows me a couple 6 lb very lean looking flats she bought. And the butcher (if you can call him that) apparently couldnt fit the meat on his one-size-fits-all meat trays, so he cuts each in half, stacks 'em and wraps 'em.
So tomorrow, I'm going to find myself a real butcher and buy me some packers cut briskets for my first all nighter.
:?: The question is: anybody got a good chili recipe that I can use for this 12 lbs of lean brisket I've got now?
Some folks don't know what your using it for or they don't get the drift of smoking a brisket. When we go to the store the steaks in the case all the pre cut ones that are cut 1" thick.. I tell the butcher there that those are "Sandwich Steaks" So I get him to open a fresh package of my favorite steak "Porter House" and have him cut it from the large end. I also have him cut it to a thickness between 1 1/2" to 2" thick .. I always pick out the meat.. It was nice that your mother inlaw offerd to buy the brisket. When i have a bbq all they bring is thier empty bellies ..

Kinda reminds me of a story my Dad always told about Grandma. (his mother-in-law) They never BBQed like dads family and the first time my grandparents came over for a cookout dad was grilling hamburgers.

My grandmother decided to help after dad didn't mash the HB's good enough after he flipped them and mashed them about 1/2 through the grates while the 'ol man wasn't looking. :evil: Dad didn't get back to them before they were cooked around the grill courtesyof the helper who didn't know jack about grilling, but was still just a little smarter than the guy doing it.......well she thought anyway
'blues, you did realize that when you got into the marriage thing that there are TWO women that you have to learn about? LOL :D

If anyone offers to bring meat to one of my smokes, I let them bring some brats-always great for snacking on along with the ABT's and relish plate.

After the number of times I've done briskets (packers) and the number of times my wife as found me digging through the packer briskets at wally's world, one would think she knows what I prefer to smoke. . .She went to the store the other day and asked me if there was anything special I wanted. I asked to to grab me a packer brisket for this weekend. She came home with a nicely trimmed flat. :roll: It's going into the smoker this weekend but I'm going to have to watch it close.
'blues, you did realize that when you got into the marriage thing that there are TWO women that you have to learn about? LOL

You got that right Dutch .. lol

Joe-things are really compounded if she has sisters!
This is why I have to drive about 20min to get to a good butcher for my brisket. I tell them how I want it and I pre-order it a week in advance.
At least she is trying.. Mine once asked me why her son can cook ribs so much faster than I can...

He grills them and worse yet, he BOILS them...

I don't thnk she gets that conversation, so I quit trying, gave her a rib, and watched her enjoy the meat with no sauce that taste better than everybody elses... {her words}

My parents only understand hot dogs, and burger on a grill. They know that I will go back and forth to the smorker, sometimes I open it up, sometimes I don't. I must drink at least 1 beer for good food to come off the grates. I store the smokers at thier place, so they usually get some of the meat I cook. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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