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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mr.br0wn, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. While the XL is still a little warm (35F in stead of 25F [​IMG] ) I am gonna toss a couple of 7 lb'ers on some Hickory smoke. The one on the left is rubbed down with Cinnamon Chipotle rub and the one on the right is my regular Pork Rub so here we begin......12:00

  2. minn.bill

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    looks good enough to drool over .keep the picks coming[​IMG]
  3. cman95

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    Looks good, when are we eating??[​IMG]
  4. kookie

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    Looking good. Sounds tasty.

  5. richoso1

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    Nice pics my friend. Be sure and post the Q View when it's done, along with a comparison of the rubs.
  6. gramason

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    Looks good.
  7. bustedluckbarbq

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    Looks great so far!!!
  8. cowgirl

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    It sure does look good so far! What time shall I be over to eat?[​IMG]
  9. Before prepping does anyone remove that little brownish gland? I butcher my own deer so I'm used to taking out those glands. If anyone has the sausage recipe book from the sausagemaker by Rytek Kutas it shows where it is located.
  10. bbq bubba

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    I hate them set it and forget it guy's.............they alway's forget!!!
    Wake up and give us an update!!! [​IMG]
  11. Here they are @ 8:00 hovering around 208F

    I pulled them when the smaller one hit 220F
    double wrapped in HD foil a big towell and into the cooler until this afternoon.
  12. bbq enthusiast

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    That right there is a work of art. nice job![​IMG]
  13. brianj517

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    Great looking butts Mr.B. I'm alittle curious though...why'd you wait to pullem at 220*? Conventional wisdom suggests that the collagens and conective tissues are sufficiently broken down at 200* to 205* for pulling/shredding. And the internal contiues to rise a few degrees during the "rest" anyway.

    Please don't misunderstand, as I'm not knocking your technique, I'm just curious that at those temps did the meat dry out at all or was it still tender and juicy? The whole finished roast look absolutely perfect. I'd like to see some pics after you've pulled them...Let us know how you liked them.

  14. capt dan

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    seems kinda high to me too, but I am always ready to learn sumtin new!

    Looks like an 8 hr smoke according to the times you mentioned. I wish I could get mine to 205 in eight hrs, usually about 10-11 for me.
    Looking forward to the finished product! bring on the view![​IMG]
  15. welder

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    Butts looks great. I usually pull mine arround 195
  16. Well I am not quite sure about this q-view thing so someone will have to tell me what that's all about but here are some explanations and images [​IMG]
    I left the butts on until they hit 220F so they would actually get a harder crust (Mr.Br0wn) and soak up more juice from various extras...I'll explain. I usually pull and wrap at 195F. Here are the butts pulled the cinnamon chipotle on the left (this was everyones favorite when eaten straight off the platter) and traditional rub on the right

    I like to have a nice "bite" on the bark after the wrap in foil-towel-cooler and since I knew I would be out until 4 or 5 tonight I didn't want it to get all mushy...It worked pretty well and I was not disappointed with the texture it had when I got back to it.

    I actually over cooked it a bit for a second reason. I wanted it to soak up what I was adding [​IMG] my wife eats it Cincinnati style with sweet slaw on the sandwich and no sauce

    she actually puts some of the chips on it too but it gets too sloppy if the pork is too moist and the bun falls apart. my son likes his with BBQ sauce and I like mine with a home made table sauce.
    SoFlaQuer has a post on a basic finishing sauce but one of the staples on my fridge door is a North Carolina piedmont sauce or sometimes called Lexington sauce because of the area of N. Carolina it originated from just South of Winston-Salem.My favorite table sauce to make is Fat Johnny's bastardized piedmont sauce.
    (an outstanding recipe by professional chef "Chez" John Eddy of Topeka, KS. Somewhat similar to Blues Hog Tennessee Red in some ways)

    1 quart cider vinegar
    12 oz Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce or your own
    1/3 cup packed brown sugar
    1 T red pepper flakes
    2 T salt
    1 tsp black pepper
    1 tsp celery seed
    2 T Worcestershire sauce
    Juice of one lemon
    1 T chipotle powder
    1 tsp dry mustard
    1 T onion powder

    Bring to the boil, then simmer for 10-15 minutes. Let cool, and bottle.

    I use this sauce very liberally and like the pork to soak it up for reason mentioned above

    along with the pork was Dutch Oven baked beans with bacon, onions and black strap molasses.
  17. mossymo

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    It all looks great, congrats on another succesful smoke !!!
  18. welder

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    Love that Baby Ray sauce
  19. smokeys my pet

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    NIce q-view wonderful job made me hungry as most do!!!!![​IMG]
  20. iadubber

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    Mmmmm baby!! Nice lookin bark!!

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