Butt, Wings, and 1st Fatty

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Original poster
Mar 30, 2007
Waukee, IA
Here are some pics of my weekend smoke yesterday. It includes a 7lb. pork shoulder (tasted great!), 2 dozen wings (some are in the container),
and my first attempt at a fatty. Everybody loved the fatty and so did I!! I will definitely be experimenting some more with them.




My recipe:
Sage JD sausage
Chopped up onion, red pepper, and green pepper
Mexican blend cheese with jalapenos in it (Kraft brand)

I was thinking about some cream of mushroom soup inside there maybe???
What do you guys think about that???????

Thanks for all the great ideas I have gotten off of here as well....you guys that are so willing to share make it a LOT of fun for us backyard rookies!!!
Looks great Porkpuller! The soup sounds good you'll have to mix it with something so it doesn't run out though. Keep us posted!
The wings turned out great. I rubbed them in a cajun rub. I smoked them for a couple of hours. First hour open to the smoke and then I put them in cake pans with apple juice/Jack Daniels mixture in the bottom and sprayed them with butter. Cooked for another hour in that. Then I added some hot wing sauce to one pan and barbecue to another. People could come eat them whenever they wanted.
I had trouble in the past of the skin getting very tough so I thought this might keep it more moist...which it did.
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