Busy day a smokin in the rain

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t-bone tim

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Feb 24, 2007
N.B. Canada
Hello all you smoker fans,,,been smokin away here today, rain off and on , heavy drizzle etc etc.
I had 2 pork butts cured and 2 pork tenderloin cured ( both with hi-mountain's buckboard bacon cure ) ....cured 10 days for the butts and 5 for the tenders....
figured still more room in the MES, so I did a 6 # boneless loin and made a 3 1/4 # fatty from Rytek Kutas's breakfast sausage recipe in his book titled Great sausage recipes and meat curing.
Needed a side for supper , so I also threw in a batch of wicked baked beans
...as always enjoy the view





I used Dutch's recipe for mahogany sauce for the pork loin, mustard and rub first....did the Fatty plain as it was a new recipe , wicked baked beans as per Dutch's recipe, here's a pic of the beans and fatty
....made a fresh batch of cornmeal muffins and a salad to go with loin and beans and fatty.......yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!!



Tim, Glad to have been able to provide the recipes for tonight's menu. Hope it all tastes as great as it looks!! Awesome job
T-Bone that looks awsome! Great looking bacons!

Let me know how Rytek Kutas's breakfast sausage comes out I haven't tried it yet.
Debi...that breakfast sausage was very good, nice flavor and a little bite to zing it up.
I used this sausage to make my fatty,and noticed after mixing that with nothing as a binder the fatty wasn't going to hold together, I had made 3 1/4 # , and to this I added 1/3 cup of bread crumbs and 1 slightly beaten egg....this made the fatty stay together nicely,
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