Burp! Just ate my first 321

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Feb 24, 2007
key west, fl
What a great method! Just put away 1/2 rack, and put other 1/2 in fridge.
For newbies like me, this was a major triumph. I started with Hormel St Louis style frozen rack. Thawed completely, then got out the exacto knives and hacked off as much membrane as I could. Then coated it with commercial dry rub while the ecb was warming up, with apple wood chunks. When I saw thin blue smoke, the rack went on, bones down. Let her eat for almost three hours, when the biggest bones were 1/4 inch out. Pre heated the oven to 225, wrapped her up in foil after a good dose of nothing but honey, and she went in for just under 2 hours. Smelled too good in the house, almost robbed it. Then I fired the smoker back up for the unwrapped part, that was about 45 minutes. The times here are not for scientific reason, but rather impatience and hunger. A little more honey after putting it on the grill, even though it was swimming in juice. Sliced them up and they were the sweetest, best ribs I've had. I was planning on using a nice apple cinammon BBQ sauce but none was needed. Fan-tastic. Thanks to you all for advice and suggestions! I took pictures BUT this new Vista is a real pain and can't get them online yet. Dee-lish! Beer and bed for me...........
Congrats on the rib smoke keywest!! 3-2-1 is just a guide, alter each step as you feel need changed. But if you are happy, then it was a successful smoke... all's good and right in the world
Sounds like you were successful with that smoke.

If you peel that membrane off with your fingers and a table knife for grip...kind of like trying to remove a paper label....you will find it much more effective than trying to cut it off...after you get it started they come off in one piece

Won't need the pics if you send the refrigerated half up here...LOL

Glad you had some great ribs. Amazing isn't - you did it by yourself! Quite the confidence builder.

Next time you do ribs when you try to pull off the membrane just peel up a bit and grab hold of it with a paper towel and slowly peel it off. The paper towel really lets you get a grip on it.
Allways great to hear of a great smoke......congrats keywesmoke, they sound delicious !!!!
I did that DJ, thanks. And I like your instructional music links....my whole family is musical. Brother Chris played bluegrass with Seldom Scene, currently with Blue Daze in the DC area (BG capital of the world, strangely enough). I do drums, 4 string tenor guitar aka Kingston Trio, a little 5 string long neck pickin'. Want to play Dobro and bottleneck slide 6 string, someday.
WOW...talk about "casting my shadow in the road"( one of my favorite songs from Seldome Scene).........tell me more!!!!!!
I'm putting the second rack on today, with a little twist. Taking progressive pictures too.

Last night, my deputy tenant came home and I gave him the rest of the first rack. (I only rent to cops, they are excellent tenants). He devoured them. Today I'm at it again. Dry rub on, membrane peeled, smoker doing its thing, etc. Striped honey on the meat as soon as I put them on, thinking a little flavor ijection and maybe it will caramelize and make a tasty crust. we'll see! I've only just begun. By the way, I have a fattie thawed, how long do they take? Regular 1 lb. chub. Dry rub it too?
Sounds like a good smoke. The 321 sounds like a good method.

Tom, this method seems foolproof, you can even fudge the times a bit. Here's my ribs just going on, you can see the shine from the drizzled honey. 225F, good apple wood smoke.
Even the Brinkmann instruction book says their meter is inaccurate, so I put this tested one next to it. If the factory ones are consistent if not accurate, you can see where on it 225F is, for future reference. "Ideal" on theirs is over 300F. Mine's drilled in. $10 at Home Depot. Only hassle was getting the lid to behave while trying to drill a hole in it. Had another beer, settled down.

This is at 120 minutes at 250F and full smoke, but no creosote smell. Re-striped with the honey. Looking lighter than no-honey ribs but quite nice so far!
Last hour on the little Holland Companion, because I ran outa propane right on time on the smoker and too lazy to go do a propane exchange. They are nice and dark, look perfect, but seemed to not peel off the bone like yesterday, probably due to the honey. That was the only thing I've done different. Nobody's reading this thread but it's nice to keep it for a visual record.

Lol key, beeeeeeeeer calmmmmmmmmm, every time I see Bud take those et-73"s out I know there will be cussing,so I pour him a beer as soon as I see the box we keep them in.

BTW........DROOLING, looks fantastic!!!!!!
Well the hounds ate well tonight. All was going quite well until the final hour, when I put the rack in the little Holland Companion for 50 minutes. The little fella burned them up better than napalm would have. I destroyed these guys into brittle black strips, but I did find that Beagles LOVE the meat from this. Not discouraged...trying again, Monday. Get the door, it's Domino's.
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