Bunch o' Butts

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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)
Howdy folks,

Today is the day I am smoking about 38 pounds of pork butts in my little old GOSM. It is the smallest GOSM (I think). The butts range from 5 pound to 9 and 1/2 pounds. They all fit. The two smallest are on the bottom and then they are placed in wieght order with the largest on the top rack. I'm smoking today for a BBQ Roundup fundraiser for the local Elks Lodge to be held next Saturday. I'm planning to pull today and freeze in food saver bags. I'll reheat on site and add the finishing sauce after re-heating. Other members of the Lodge are bringing the other fixings such as chili, cornbread, salads, desserts, etc. I'm also fixing Dutch's Wicked Beans. All the food is being donated so the proceeds can go to the Elks National Foundation Charity which supports most of the Elks charitable programs such as Anti-Drug Abuse, Youth programs and college scholarships, etc.

My questions is what do we call a large bunch of butts. In the animal kingdom we refer to groups of animals by various names such as herd, flock, bevy, murder, pod, etc. I think we need to come up with such a term to refer to a big bunch of pork butts. Any suggestions???

Here are the pics.

Quartet of Thermos

???? of butts. (Help me out here with a name) (Hour 1)

Please chime in.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I'm going with a bevy of butts. The hillbilly in me really just wants to say bunch'o butts though.

Looks good Meowey and sounds like it is for a good cause.
Awesome start Meowey!
You are going to have a lot of butt to pull tonight
Hope you find time to do the "Vaporized Blue Bourbon Trick" again! :roll:

Guess you were East of the Snow by the looks of your yard.

I am doing about 1/2 of your amount for family reunion next thursday
You contibuted to my post so what I have decided is to pull it hot/warm around 9-10 pm put it all in a electric roaster. cover with plastic and lid, refrigerate until served the next day.
Heya, Meowey!

Lookin' good and for a great cause! Nice to know that others get involved!

As for the multiple butt smoke....hmmnnn....Lessee now, lots of butts, all together, how 'bout.....BUTTORAMA!!!! ? Or Butt Brigade, or Butt Squad, or Butt Bunch, or Gangbutt. Just a few thoughts!


I think you hit the nail on the head Carl, Passel. It don't get any more obscure than that

PS: Monty, I'd pass on the gangbutt :P
My apologies, Rodger!

Just got in from an excellent hunt when I wrote that. Too much oxygen and a good mood will do that to me! Rabbit, Partridge anyone?

Well, it's been a long day. This is the largest butt that is finally ready to be foiled. I got a late start because the electric power was off for about two hours in the middle of the night, and the alarm did not go off. I figure midnight by the time I get the last one rested and pulled.

Foil ready


Thanks for the suggestions for the group name. I'm leaning toward passel also.

Thanks for the replies.

Hey Cat Man ... They LOOK GREAT .. I have BUTT ENVY ... Sheesh .. what can I say but thanks for the pics .... now if I can just pry my tongue from the screen ..


Here is the finished product ready for the freezer. I ended up with about 19 pounds of the stuff, about 1/2 the raw weight. Sorry I didn't snap a pic of the pork pulled and in the pan. It was about 1:30AM when I finished and I wasn't thinking too well.

Curses upon the power company for messing up my alarm yesterday. One more reason for my skewed thought process was that another member of the organization came over and made the chili for the event. We did sip on a lovely beverage or two. Oh well, it's going for a good cause.

Bagged and Tagged


Take care, have fun, and do good.



Thats a Bountiful-Bevy of Bodacious-Booooootttttyyyyyy!!!!
Hope you were finally able to get some rest...

Great pic's Meowey! Nice color on that butt too.
I think that Richard is on to something with his "Bountiful Bevy of Bodacious Booty" but it's too much like a tounge twister, so my vote is for "passel". :P
I still like Passel, but I got to thinkin :roll: , since we are in the 21st century and talking about BBQ on the internet, maybe it should be

BUTTS (singular)


GIGABUTTS (10 and above)

Once again I say, I got to thinkin :roll:
A feller can put a serious hurt on himself with that thinking stuff Rodger. Hope you're all right. :P
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