Bulk Spices, who do you get them from?

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Nov 1, 2010
Greenville SC
I have been enjoying the new hobby of smoking meat and other things for a few months now.  I want to know where most of you who do this often, obtain your spices for rubs, marinades and other tasty creations?  I have been buying from a local grocery store in pre-packaged jars, but it is quite pricey for the quantity that we tend to use.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

You can go online and get your spices there. I'm lucky I guess and we have a Pentzy spice company in our town and thats where I get most of my off the wall spices.
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I have a place called Bulk Barn near me where they have spices in bulk. As well as many ethnic stores where I can buy all sorts of spices in the large amounts we tend to use.
I go to restaurant supply stores for mine. They come in the right sizes (8oz) or more and are very reasonable - Two locally for me are Smart and Final and Restaurant Depot - I just googled your area and it looks like there is an ATEAM Restaurant supply in Greenville
We buy most of our bulk spices at BJs or Costco.  They come in large containers, about 16-20 ounces depending on the spice.  Cost is under $10.  Much better price than the small jars in a grocery store.
Now I get most all of my spices from Penzeys. I've been satisfied with their processing, customer service and the quality of everything that I've ordered from them.
I get mine from Sams as well but Whole Foods just added a spice in bulk wall in the stores here in NC. Im sure that this is a store wide addition but they have a HUGE selection and you bag them yourself. Its you bag the amount that you want and Whole Foods has great quality on their stock. 

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