Building this new garden is killing me.....

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Dec 14, 2006
Everett Washington
Well the little lady decided that I needed to convert the side of the house from a rocked (and weed full) hill to a stepped type garden. we used to just put containers in it, this way we will get alot more space.....lots more peppers!!!! However with this dang autoimmune disease I have I get worn out real quick so it's going slow......but here are a few pic's I snapped today so you can see what I'm doing, one more tie and the last section will be hilled for cuc's and all......and the last few pours of concrete wall to raise the lower section....that goes easy......then a ton of dirt...I hope this gets done soon as we have alot of starts that need to be planted!! (most of the ones in the pic's are horrible condition.....


Looks like a nice idea should yield plenty. Mix your dirt with a bale of perlite , vermiculite and peat moss and you'll have an easy time of tending the garden and easy rooting for the plants. Makes for a nice airy soil.
yea, if I can get enough of the perlite's getting so late in the year already thou..... man I hate being behind on things!!!!! granted my stinking cayenne starts went to crap and I can't find any local I'd love to find paprika as well....... the hunt goes on.....
local lowes carries it, just depends on how much I need!!!!! Just wish I could find cayenne starts and paprika starts...... have a ton of jalapeno's, some poblano's even hot wax types.....also have artichoke starts...don't eat that crap but the little lady and the boy do..... the tomato's are always done in the whiskey barrels and have been planted for a while already......I just need my peppers so I can start making more jap powder and chilpoltle powder etc...... including wanting to make my own cayenne powder and paprika as I use so much of it!!!!!!!
if you cant find starts.... why not just germinate them yourself... its real easy... i grow indoors throughout the year and dont use seedlings...i sprout everything myself

plastic container with lid... moist paper towels... place seed in between moist paper towels... place in plastic container, put in freezer bag, place by your computer monitor for warmth... will sprout in no time... check everyday for moisture and seedlings... once sprouted remove with tweezers and place in airy soil or rockwell whatever your growing medium will be

as for perlite, i would stay away from the Home depot or lowes ones...they are enriched with miracle grow nutrients and that is not so great for new seedlings or sprouts.... you have lots of garden centers in WA, check your local hydroponics store...they have lots of perlite in stock for cheap
in the pictures, the "starts" in the yellow containers are cayenne ones from seed that we did do, but we got tied up and didn't get them transplanted until late so I don't think they will survive......I have more seeds started here indoors........ If I get my butt up early enough tomorrow I'll head up to flower world and see about starts and if they have bulk perlite etc.....but I still have to get more concrete poured and the last tie in, plus two more ties out front to finish off another project......then about 6 yards of dirt to be delivered.......then it's figuring on how much I want to add to that for the garden or not this year will be easier....I hope!!!
well managed to get up early enough, got into flower world and YES...they had my cayenne starts!!!! no paprika.....but guess next year is another year........
They don't sell cayenne, jalepinos or other hot peppers around here you have to do your own starters. I didn't start anything this year. I have this seriously huge tree in that landed the middle of my yard/garden I've only about half gotten rid of. It was dead for a few years and my neighbor ignored it. I wish my neighbors would take better care of their trees and keep them D#$m things from falling in my yard! I may loose two of my dwarf apples one is split right down the middle. I bandaged it up last winter and I'm hoping it heals up. There are leaves on it so that's a good sign but it could still rot.

There's another one in the other meighbors yard that's dead but I think it might just miss me. If not it'll take out my granny smith and necterine tree.

Something is kiling the trees around here. No moths but alot of mold looking stuff.
never have problems here finding jap starters or other mild peppers....this year I did get ahold of some of the mucho nacho japs which are HOTTER....yea baby!!!!
i grew some cayennes a couple of years ago in a bucket on my patio... started indoors and literally grew like

i couldnt plant anything yet this moving at the end of the month... the missus doesnt know i have plans like yours Smoked for the new
well I got a little more done, I'm down to one tie left and alot of concrete still, then the dirt....but I'm begining to see the end of the light...

well dang near done now, one more tie to go and the small retaining wall between that and what will be the hill area......stupid weatherman said "chance of showers" for today....well it's been a day long rain fest so no work today........

also got the baby green house set up....

I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now.....last tie in, man that one was a pain.....and half of the last retaining wall poured, rest tomorrow then it's dirt time......

Okay, all I need is the dirt now!!!!!! will have to drag my butt out to find some tomorrow......
Looking good Smoked! I'm still not sure why the ties are needed? It looks like the fence is sitting on cement too. What I'm I missing?
it's actually a hill, so the ties are there to step down, the last section is being left as a hill for cuc's and so forth......I also actually poured concrete walls inbetween the fencing to raise the lower section up which is why there is also plastic sheeting that you can see above it as it needs a vapor/moisture barrier.....
Looks great Smoked, and like it was alot of hard work...

Keep us updated.

BTW.....glad to see you listening to the doc and taking it easy...
trust me it's been hard work with this ITP thing.....and naturally I'm listening to my doctor...NOT.....

just finished the very last, I hope, last retainer since ruth decided the first section in the lower half was gonna be strawberries and thusly we wanted to make sure they don't creep everywhere else!!!! Ordered 8 yards of a special mix for our climate and gardens.....will be here in the morning.....

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