Building a new smoker

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May 1, 2006
Dubuque, Iowa
My friends and I are building a smoker on wheels. The tank is off of a cement truck 120 gallon water tank, the seat is off of an old tractor, the wheels off of a old farm wagon, the steering wheel from a airport hanger tractor, the thermometer is set in a kitchen sink drain, top of smoke stack is a hub cap, the handel on door is a shovel handel, the brackets that hold door handel are from a car top carrier, I still would like to put some headlights on it from older tractor, we made are own shift lever, the fire box is from 1 foot Dia. wheel pipe with cast iron door bolted on has damper in door, damper in pipe from fire box to tank and a damper in smoke stack , I will put a small dashboard on it, still I will sand blast it then paint it I think wheels will be red and the rest black. anyone have any ideas. thanks for looking.

What a neat setup....... Excellent Job...Would like to see pic's of finished smoker..
lookes like it was set up to be pulled behind a 4 wheeler or something. when people are looking at you it would be cool if you had an old style horn to honk at them with.

and a dancing pole for the ladies on top?
thanks now I have to figure out what color to paint it red wheels black tank or yellow wheels green tank or what ever

Here is the picture you wanted to see when finished, was alot of fun thanks to everyone who responded



wow truly awsome rig. almost to nice too use. looks like you had a lot of fun designing and building it.. love the paintjob. im looking for some hightemp silver pait for my new smoker. any suggestions would be appreciated/ wildcat
after looking a your rig again, ive changed my mind, it is too nice to use. hope you have a backup smoker so you can keep that nice finished look.wildcat is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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