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BSKD and Bandera


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Joined Jun 20, 2006
As the new guy, I was wondering if anyone else has one of these smokers? They are pretty much the same (just mirror images); however, the Banderas have really cheapened over the past year or so. I have had my BSKD for a while, and it is a great smoker with the mods. The only complaint is a lack of room sometimes, hence the little Lang!


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I have an older NB Bandera, made from the good stuff. Being it is one of many smokers, it doesn't get used as often as it should. :oops:


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Joined Aug 11, 2005
So do I.

And for clarification to others, the Bandera and the BKSD are vertical smokers, with an offset firebox standing nearly 5.5 feet off the ground (maybe 3.5ish feet of smoke chamber)

Further, Bob and I have a good ol' made in the USA New Braunfels Bandera.

Charbroil bought New Braunfels and moved manufacturing to China.

So you can get an NB Bandera in a box made in China (read:crap) which then went to the complete sell out of changing to Charbroil Bandera (read: we admit its now crap)

Alas, Charbroil has removed the Bandera from their product line (least on the web) and someone got a sales rep to admit on the phone they were dropping it.

So unless Bob or someone gives you an old one, go with the Brinkman, for it is a bit better with better features


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I wanted the BSKD but the wife pointed out, I did not have the space to store it. Now looking into a 55gal drum smoker with an offset design.


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I use a BSKD. I have converted mine to use propane, wood or charcoal.

Mostly I build a good charcoal fire and then let the propane keep things leveled out.

I found with mine that the door handle was very crappy and had to modified or it would just come open on it's on!! Also it was a Mother to keep the heat up in.

Now that I have done some modifications I like the smoker very much and would recommend it.

(edit) If you are interested look under Propane Smokers thread and there are pictures of my BSKD after mods.


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yea i was thinking about that also and that a chargriller side fire box would hook right up to that bad boy, i was gonna do a double one though(drums end to end, not stacked) and not sure that the CG SFB would provide enough heat

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