Brown Sugar problem

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Jun 21, 2007

I keep my brown sugar in an air tight container, but I place a slice of bread over the sugar before sealing the container. When I later open the container, the brown sugar looks and feels wet. Any suggestions?

Most web sites talk about what to do when it is too hard....not moist....

What kind of bread are you putting in the container and what kind of container is it....
I use the terra cotta things as well. Brown sugar comes with zip-loc type top here and I just re-seal and toss the little thing in there.
I never had a problem with brown sugar. I just roll out all the air and wrap a rubber band around the bag. I never really keep it long enough for it to harden. GOT TO LOVE Jeff's sauce and rubs!!!!
Brown sugar is supposed to be slightly "wet". It's the molasses that's mixed in. If your sugar is hard, it's been around too long and the molasses has dried out. It's still usable with judicious use of a hammer.
! slice of white bread, Glad air tight container. Once I reopen it, the brown sugar is wet and creates clumps in my rub, also sticks to the walls of my spice grinder.

Your gonna laugh but............put the amount of brown sugar you need on a cookie sheet and bake at 300 for 15 mins, takes the moisture out and mixes up a lot easier
A slice of fresh bread contains a lot of moisture. Not sure why there is an issue. Brown sugar seems to come in one size here. It shouldn't be around long enough to become hard. It does though in a store. If you want the dry stuff, look for the hard ones. The fresh brown sugar is loose.

300 for 15 minutes would make a puddle of sugar syrup, if I'm not mistaken.

Spice grinder for brown sugar ? Any household spice grinder I've seen are small. Seems like a hand mixer or food processor would be more effective.

Is there really an issue with using brown sugar? Clumping can't be that bad.

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