brother in law gave me a Brinkman

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Original poster
Jun 2, 2007
Hey everyone, this forum looks great. I am getting ready to try smoking for the first time today, and I have a couple questions.
My brother in law gave me a Brinkman charcoal water smoker, he only used once or twice and really couldn't give me any advice on how to use it.
So I got me a little chicken which I brined and some spare ribs I did a dry rub on. With the ribs I didn't remove the the membrane (sems to be a typical newbie mistake) I looked at the top of the ribs didn't see any membrane so I figured it was already removed. I didn't think to flip it over and check the undersiide.
Here's what I need to know:
Should I put the ribs or the chicken on the top rack?
Should I try and remove the membrane even though I already put the rub on? ( I really don't want to try this seems like it woud be a real pain)
Should I put them both in the smoker at the same time?
Welcome dzlater, sounds like you have some good vittles there when done. ribs on the top and don't worry about the membrane I don't remove it, it seams to be personal preferrance. Don't let chic juices drip on other meat, chics always on the bottom. good luck
I agree with shortone, better to have chicken on the bottom just to be on the safe side.
It is better to remove the membrane, but it is not the end of the world (next time) will suffice.
Your chicken will be done first and if you haven't already, read about the 3-2-1 method for ribs.
Hey Dan, welcome. One of the great things about smoking is that there's a whole lot of latitude in procedures. If it was me I would remove the membrane even though you have already put the rub on. It's no biggie to re-rub with a few vigorous shakes and the results (in tenderness and flavor) will be worth it...just my .02...c
Don't let chic juices drip on other meat, chics always on the bottom. good luck[/quote]

Damn, I sort of like the chicks on top.
Welcome dzlater! Congrats, ya got yerself a free ECB! Brother-In-Law's LOSS! The ECB will amaze you with what it can do.
Yep, chickie on the lower rack. That means you will have to pull the top rack out to get to it. You lose heat, smoke and lengthen cooking time every time you lift the lid, keep that in mind when planning your smoke sessions and what you will smoke.
Go to this link -

Check out the mods you can accomplish to your ECB to make it work better and easier to use, also has info on cooking on the ECB. Follow the thread all the way through, there are 5 mods, then "Cooking On The ECB-Tips & Techniques".
Hope this helps you and gets you started in a long smoking career.
ENJOY! Oh yeah, and post pics of your accomplishments!
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