Discussion in 'Beef' started by dwiens, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. dwiens

    dwiens Fire Starter

    Saturday morning I am going to throw on my second brisket to be served Sunday for lunch. Celebrating my daughter's 5th birthday. Would it be better to put the brisket whole back into the refrig and warm next day to slice or to slice, refrig, and warm?
  2. grothe

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    I slice mine, pour the juices from the drip pan & from resting over the slices, then fridge. The slices will absorb the juices better and I find it easier to warm up the slices than the big chunk of meat. My 2 cts.
  3. dwiens

    dwiens Fire Starter

    That is what I thought, but reading Dutch's pinned post he had thrown the whole puppy back in the oven. for butts i pull, refrig, then in foil adn juice use a crock to slowly warm it back up.

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