Brisket Today

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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)
Howdy Folks,

Doing my second brisket today. Used a rub recipe by cajunsmoker:

Smoking with mesquite to 165F, will foil and cook to 195F, wrap in towels and rest for at least an hour in cooler.

Hour 2


Will post more pics as the day goes on.

Have fun!


The probe in the pic is for a digital I got at Bed Bath and Beyond. I think the brand is Pyrex. I also have a Polder that gives the temp for both the meat and the smoker. The probe is a bit heavy and I thought it would fall out if the brisket. I also have another that I've had for years from Pampered chef.

Have not looked for a spare probe.

Looking real nice meowey, how many hours are you into it? How many lbs is that beast .. and why do you live so far from me.. lol <I sound like the kid next door to me always asking why why why>

At this time it has been in for 5.5 hours. It is a 6.25 lb flat. Sorry so far away.


Thanks Rodger,

It smells great along with the mesquite. I put in some of Dutch's Wicked Beans and switched to hickory. That smells good too!


That looks great .. Nice looking brisket Meowey..I haven't decided what to smoke for the weekend .. I better decide fast before it's too late..

Here are the final pics folks. Please enjoy!

Unwrapped and ready!


Sliced open!


Plated with "Wicked Beans"


This brisket is delicious. Moist and cut it with a fork tender. The mesquite and cajunsmoker's rub made it. Dinner guests raved!! I have been informed by the boss that she wants me to do this again.

Thanks for all your encouragement.


Great job...looks really good....
Questions....Did it have much fat on it? or was it all cut off? Did you mop/spray it with anything? Any juice when you foiled it?..
Again.. good job....

Hey vulcan75001,

It did have a fat cap on it. I sliced the fat cap in a criss-cross pattern and smoked it fat cap down. A lot ot it rendered off. I was able to scrape the remaining fat off with the side of my knife before slicing. I sprayed with a 3 to 1 mix of apple juice and Jack Daniels. I sprayed heavily when I foiled and there was a fair amount of liquid in the pouch when I opened it after resting in the cooler wrapped in towels for about an hour.

Thanks for asking.

Thanks for the info....just trying to still figure out why the one I did turned out so dry and tough...must have just been a poor cut to start with... because I did mine just the same as you and everyone else...going to try it again...can't let the beast beat me down...LOL...

Thanks again
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