Brisket Redemption Smoke '07

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Aug 8, 2007
Ok... All my thermometers should be here today. This last brisket has been bugging me all week and I think another one is going in tonight! I'm doing to document it really well this time! I'll lick this brisket yet! Oooh, maybe it will be ready in the morning and I can have some brisket & eggs!
8:30 pm - Kids to bed! Time to smoke!

9:00 pm - Everything is started coals in the firebox; getting hot!

9:15 pm - Meat was all rubbed up and ready to go... Tossed it on the grill and threw some Hickory mostly in the firebox. Little bit of mesquite too. Wind is picking up!

I got a small story. I was picking out my brisket today in Sam's Club and some guy came in looking for one to smoke himself. His wife said he's a champion BBQer, real deal. I actually had the one he wanted in my hand, which was good because we went over the whole thing and he explained why it was the best one! Yay! Good advice! (Help me pick out some spares too)

9:25 pm - Check the weather. Was worried a monsoon would come rolling in. Of course I pick night to smoke which is the only time of day in AZ we have bad weather, temps still rising though.

9:45 pm - 193... What happened! I think I need more coals, yet... I check my non-digital kitchen aid brand new oven thermometer inside and it says 225. No more coals.

10:10 - Added some more Hickory. This digital thermometer is annoying me, so I'm putting on potatoes. At least I got 2 more thermometers inside. The oven one, plus one in the meat that tells both meat and oven temp! But the damn wind is making my temp inside go down to 200. I need to add some more charcoal so I can quit dancing around my grill and go do something. Throwing in some more hickory too.

10:30 - Roll up my findings so far, post some pics here, and get a BEER! Yeah BEER!



11:30... put in more FIRE! Wind is making it hard for me to keep the temperature up. I'm trying to be somewhat conservative because I'm afraid wind will go away and my temp will skyrocket. Holding around 200... BUT we decided last time I cooked it too hot, and since I'm doing this over night, not really worried about time. It is starting to look very nice.

I'll take a pic in a bit.
12:30 - Meat emergency... I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. Wind... COMPLETELY GONE. Temp = 275!!! I cleared out the heat shut up everything threw in some more hickory... Got it back down to 220... It's ruined! I know it!

Well... It looks nice anyway. Internal temp is about 145.
1:10 am -

Probes don't really work for air temperature at all. It didn't work on the grill, it didn't work with a potato. P.O.S. That confirms that I was way to hot previously because my thermometer was saying at one time last week that the temp was 250, and it seems to be off by about 50 degrees. It was reading 198 and the oven therm. was saying 240ish.

I was wrong about the last temperature, it was 155 not 145... Now it is about 160. The probe works much better in the meat and is pretty close to the gauge I have in there as well saying around 160.

Anyway... Lots of smoke... no wind. Temps seem to be 225-250 between all my thermomters. Since I worried about being too hot I raised the baffle and slide the meat to the far side just in case.

I'm thinking when the last of my wood chunks burns off I'll wrap it. Or do I leave it unwrapped... Go to sleep or set temperature alarm and go take it off soon.... We shall see.
2:08 am

So sleepy... I found some rum down by my beer that went well with Coke.

So far so good. Temperature holding around 235 and the meat seems to have hit a plateau at 165. I figure that was a sign to wrap it and go to bed. I put in too many wood chunks cuz it is still smoking away. I usually like to have them burned off before wrapping... BOOOO!

One last pic before she's wrapped up for the night. I stoked up the fire a little bit, but my kids will be jumping on me at 7 am anyway. Just in case I'm going to put my temperature alarm on 190. If it goes off while i'm sleeping... Into the COOLER!

I'm having way to much fun documenting this...
Hang in there. Love the "play by play" description. We've all been through it. More Q-view please!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


3:50 am - Lightning waking me up just great. At least it is wrapped.

5:10 am - Now it is POURing out. 10% chance of precipitations my @#$. Temp was actually 192 and my alarm was set for 195, so I ran out grabbed it, threw it in my cooler and back to sleep.

8:10 am - I HAVE BEEN REDEEMED! Smoke pentration looks great! I even started slicing it in the wrong direction and couldn't even tell the difference! I sense brisket and eggs in my very near future. 'Course that's in addition to the every other slice I ate while cutting it. I had to make sure it was good all the way through!

Got to love the smell of brisket in the morning... Sleepy yet satisfied.

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