brisket pics

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Apr 10, 2007
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My brisket turned out pretty good this time. But it took a little longer than I expected. It was only a 9 pounder but it took 13.5 hours to reach the 190 internal temp. I cheated and finished it off in the oven after 10 hours. Heres a few pics I said I would post. This is my 3rd brisket to ever smoke.
Looks good Low&Slow! A treat we really like, if you have the time, is to separate the point from the flat. Very easy to see from your pics(bottom is point) Separate and chop the point, slice the flat. Take the point back to smoker, add some rub and smoke it again.(same day) this will give you some great burnt ends.

Good job!
Excellent effort! Great looking and I am sure tender and flavorful. Kudos!

well i was starting to get hungry b4 that porn... now my stomach is telling me that i really need to eat now... and licking the monitor didnt help

wtg..nice smoke ring and looks very juicy
Let's see, 9 lbs at 1.5 hrs per pound would come out to be 13 1/2 hrs estimated cooking time. Sounds abt right.

Still looks super good. Nice smoke ring, looks nice and moist. How tender was it? Great job....

beautiful! How'd you get it done? That looks like a new grill...tell us how you cooked it, if you don't mind. Chunks? Chips? Etc
I've had the smoker about a year. I used pretty big pecan chunks. I trimmed my pecan tree last year and used that wood. I put a grillin rack in the fire chamber and put a big thick piece of wood on it every half hour, so it just smolders but never catches fire. And when it does burn up it falls through the grate.
Turned and mopped every 2 hours.
Also filled up the water tray every 2 hours with water and apple juice mixture.
It was so juicy that when I took the temp probe out and picked it up, all the juice squirted on my shirt.
I smoked it for about 10 hours. I foiled it at 170 and threw it in the oven until internal temp reached 190. It took another 3.5 hours or so in the oven to reach 190. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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