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Discussion in 'Beef' started by evandostert, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. evandostert

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    I just got 2 6.5ish lb briskets the flat pack type. This is my 1st attempt and will be tossing them in the mes along with 2 butts and 2 chickens. I don't know how the abt's are gonna fit in?? Maybe slide the chicken way back on the rack and put them in front. I need help with the timing. Planning backwards for a party. How long average cook time. Should I foil at 160 or 170. I am planning on taking it to 190 for a nice tender slice. Need help in the timing. I need an average time for 6.5lb brisket????
  2. depends on what temps your gonna do them but in the 250 range id say an average of 1 1/2 hour per pound
  3. doctor phreak

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    always go by temp and not time..although they are 6.5 lbs they could be a tough temp not time
  4. 1894

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    And remember , chicken goes underneath the other stuff , or at least where it can't drip on anything else [​IMG]
  5. evandostert

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    I am thinking 250 was a good temp. Chicken on the bottom rack butts next rack up brisket over that hoping the butts are not too high so i can fit 4th rack.
  6. krusher

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    If you want too speed up the brisket, sear it, it should move on along faster that way.

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