Brisket Flat "Don't be Afraid" (no pics dont hate me)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sooner fan, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. I know there are no pictures so it didn't happen but I felt compelled to report anyway. I was planning on pictures but I was rushed for time as kids had tournament soccer games all day and I had to have this thing done and ready to leave by 4pm with soccer games starting at 9am (one of them 65 miles away).

    The choice was a 6.94 choice flat with a healthy fat cap from Sam's. I have always been concerned about flats from everything I have read and have always stayed away from doing one. Everything was normal slathered with mustard the night before and rubbed with my favorite run mixed with turbinado sugar. Put it on at 645am at 240degrees and long story short it was foiled at 168 and pulled from smoker at 4pm at temps between 192 and 199. Foiled and rested for 2 hours.

    Bottom line, was as good or better than many of the flats from whole packers I had previously done and everyone raved about how good it was. I did miss the fatty parts of the point for chopped brisket but I would do this again for it's simplicity and timliness.

    So if anyone has hesitated to do a flat in the past don't procrastinate any longer, get out there and smoke a flat with a healthy fat cap! I know I will again! I do apologize for no pics and will try to get some the next time.
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    I agree, nothing wrong with doing flats.............just a little smaller margin for error IMO. you said.......never happened. LOL

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