Brisket confusion

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Nov 21, 2006
Southern Illinois
I sure hate to admit this, but the more brisket threads I read the more confused I get. I'm gonna try smoking a 3 pound hunk of flat tomorrow. It's in the fridge right now with some rub on it, and the oak chunks are soaking. I'll be using a GOSM propane smoker.

I understand the 225 - 240 F GOSM temp, the 1.5 hours/pound, smoke till 140, shucks, I even understand the ice chest trick. Here's the questions I got - I start out with the brisket on the grate and then move it to a aluminum pan and foil it at 140? Then wait for the finish temperature of 190? Do I spray while I wait for the 140? And my finish temp is 210? Fat up or down? When? How often do I turn? :oops:

I'm makin myself crazy. I'm new to smoking, my wife didn't think she would like the pork chops, chicken and game hens I have done (but she loved them), and all she has heard from me is how good smoked brisket was that I used to get in Texas. So my reputation is on the line. Can anybody help me save the day?
When ever you poke your head in the smoker, spritz that brisket, I like the fat cap down, some like fat up, when ya foil it (I foil mine at 165°), pour in a little juice before you close the foil, donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t turn your meat!. If you hit a plateau, just be patient, it could take a couple extra hours, who cares? Also you donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t have to take it to 210°, I think thatâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s pushing the envelope. But thatâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s my 2¢! You will be fine
Smoke that brisket to 170 deg. Wrap in foil with a good splash of your spray/mop-back into the smoker until it reaches 190 deg. Wrap in several old towels and place into a blanket lined cooler for a couple of hours to rest and redistribute the juices then slice or pull and serve. Keep in mind that a piece of meat this size will hit a plateau and youâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ll think your thermo has gone south on you. DONOT adjust your heat, Just leave it alone-Itâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s is during this time that the heat that has built up in the muscle mass begins to break down the connective tissue which in turn will make the brisket tender. Be patient with it and it will reward you a great meal.
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That is the first post from the "Basic Brisket Smoke" sticky post at the top of this forum section. That is all you need to turn out a way above average brisket. Just relax, keep it simple, and have fun.

Those were all great answers to your questions. Don't get locked on cooking by time that 1.5 hour thing is more of a suggestion than a rule.

When the meat stalls, do not worry. THAT IS WHAT IT DOES. If you are looking you are not cooking, but if you left the lid, spray the meat.

When you move to seal it in foil, add extra liquid/spray/mop. It helps to make the meat very happy while it is getting ready to finish.


keep us informed of the cook.


enjoy the meal.
I can't thank you guys enough for the help and the encouragement. Everything I have learned about smoking I have learned from reading you guys here. You guys are right - if it ain't fun it ain't worth doing. So I'm just gonna have fun and not sweat it. I will get pics and post if I can get the camera up and running right. Thanks again - this post and you guys are the greatest! :)
Well, here's an update. Started about 9:30A this morning. Smoker at 225-240. It's almost 4P now and its setting at 142F - waiting to wrap at 170 and take it to 190. You guys are right - temp just stalled out, but I'm gonna be patient. Looks pretty good - spraying whenever I re-chunk the wood. Did a fatty too (my first) - absolutely awesome. My wife tried it and thinks I'm a genius - I gave the forum all the credit. :D
Sounds like you were having fun. How did it turn out? I generally do my briskets at night. I manage to squeeze in some sleep.

Hope you were able to get some pics, and that everything came out good.
Well, after all the worry, it wound up being a lot of fun. The temp finally moves to 168 and it got foiled at 8:30P. Weird how the temp just stalls like that. Anyway, after foiling the temp moved right along and was removed at 9:45 at 176F and rested till 11P. Tried a piece and was impressed with the first effort. Wife had never had it before and thought she went to heaven when she tried it, so I guess I can continue my new hobby. :) She told me the best thing I did was to join this forum and learn from you guys, and she was right. I've got enough confidence in it now to try just about anything on it now ........ maybe a pork tenderloin next. Anyway, many thanks to all for the info and's the pic.



very nice lookin .I havent attempted a brisket yet but maybe next weekend.It helps when your wife likes the end product.My wife thought the smoker was just for salmon but I started doing other stuff and lately its been "What are you making this weekend????"
abraxasil, sounds like you done alright!!! Now the question is, was your brisket better that the stuff you got in Texas??
Thanks for the kind words, fellas. I'm real pleased how it turned out for a first effort. I've got this forum and you guys to thanks for it - all I did was follow directions. Dutch, it wasn't as good as I've had in Texas - but that's OK. Gives me something to shoot for. Got another one same size sleeping in the freezer for my next attempt at it. :) The stuff I had in Texas used a tomato-based mopping sauce on it, while I used mustard/rub/apple juice on this one. I'll find me a recipe for mopping sauce and try her again after Christmas. There's always another day and another piece of meat. :P
Many thanks to all for the kind words. Sorry to say, Dutch, it didn't compare with the Texas stuff. They usually use a tomato/vinegar-based mopping sauce after a good rub - I used apple juice spraying after a rub. But that's OK - got me another one in the freezer for the next trial. :) This one was still yummy though.

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