Brisket: Bruce Lee can not mess with my BBQ Kung FU

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Jun 20, 2006
Long Beach, California
Cooked a brisket on Sunday. I usually BBQ for the family, or some times because I have a taste of some kind of smoked meat.

This time, I thought I would sell some of the extra meat at work to co-workers. for $10.00 you get brisket, beans, green beans, and a roll. Don't think I made any money in the long run, I did get ahead of my charcoal stash.

Had some of the brisket for dinner last night with the family last night. Flavor, is top-dead-center. Texture, I would say perfect, but don't want to brag. I think a little light on the smoke, but that may be due to hickory wood.

Three people here have "sampled" their meals and are raving to their friends about how good the meat is....They are eating it cold! I may not cook again for a bit of time, with life creeping in. Daughter is getting married next month, so i don't think I will have free time to enjoy a smoke.

Sorry for the long rant, but I wanted to share a really good cook. I am loving the hickory taste that is so subtle, you would think I calculated the exact amount of wood to burn.


I say brag on! :D When you got pictures like that to back you up .... you own bragging rights! 8)
Way to go, Ice! Looks like you've reached total nirvana! That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the Holy Grail of Q. :D

Great looking brisket Iceman.

Sounds like you had a more pleasant smoke experience this weekend than last. :D

Were the beans in your office plate lunch's baked beans? If so was it the Wicked Bake Beans?
Baked Beans, but just opened a can, added some BBQ sauce, a little honey, a few shakes of Southern Flavor {spice}. I thought they were good, will hear from the people here who are eating now, what they think abut the beans. The idea is to have the MEAT, be the star of the plate. You are really paying for Smoked Brisket, delivered to your desk. There are no BBQ places around here that will do that at my cost.

Step away on vacation for a week and everyone is cooking brisket.

Thought I smelled something good in the air, coming from the west.

Looks good Gary

And I like the new avatar
Welcome back Bill. You were missed, just thought we would do what we could to keep things moving while you were away.
Nice pics, Icemn62. I have yet to try smoking a brisket - that opportunity may present itself soon enough after checking out your pics. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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