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Discussion in 'Beef' started by fishawn, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. fishawn

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    Got "instructed" to bring something to a family function on Friday evening. Since I don't have time to cook it on Thursday or Friday, I chose a brisket of 11.5 pounds. I paid $1.36 per pound for it, down from $1.57 about 3 weeks ago????????.....I am serious!!!........Rested it for about 1 hour at room temp, trimmed some fat, cut it in 1/2 to fit in the MES rubbed w/ Arthur Bryants, Johnnys, Salt, Brown sugar & Montreal Steak seasoning. I have never used the Montreal on brisket, but love it on steak so who knows?......Then into the hickory smoke bath for a while. I am planning on foiling it at about 165* until it hits about 195* then pulling it off & resting in a cooler with towels for a couple hours. I am thinking it will be ready to pull from the smoker Thursday morning about 10am - 1pm. which would give it about 11-15 hours in the smoker. When it cools down enough to handle, Should I then keep it tightly wrapped in the fridge in foil, then slowly re-warm on Friday? OH.....I almost forgot, I also have a pan of Bush's baked beans in the bottom of the smoker catching all the drippings from the brisket!......Did not have time for Dutch's, but soon!
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    Very Kewl !

    P.S. Flat left Point Right?
  3. fishawn

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    Correct on flat & point.

    Go Seahawks!
  4. fishawn

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    Abooot (as my Canadian friends say) 3 hours into smoke, probe temp about 126*.......Beans have been in about 1.5 hour, should I leave them in the whole smoke?........Having a Busch Light, getting sleepy, Mariners won that's good (what the hell happened to them?), trying to get a second wind to make it to 165* for the foiling. If I can't make it to 165* should I just spritz them with apple juice & let the brisket go?...Where's Richtee when you need him?.........Hope there is some late nighters up with some input.
  5. fishawn

    fishawn Smoking Fanatic

    Temp coming up pretty good, Look what I found in the garage fridge between the butter & the Starbucks! A non Busch Light relative!....I threw in a scrambled egg FATTY pic as well, some of you will be getting up pretty soon & will wish you would have made one!
  6. fishawn

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    Took out the beans & WOW, I have heard about beans that have been smoked but have never tried them..... They are excellent!........The pan sat below the brisket for a couple hours & got all the good stuff coming down, as well as the smoke. Not Dutch's, but now I can see where all the praise is coming from for beans................Temp coming up steady on the MES.....getting late......getting tired......lots of beer left.......Mariners won that is good.........Don't want any more beer, just 165* on the temp reading!
  7. pineywoods

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    Looking good and seems your managing to stay awake. Insomnia has its advantages for these late smokes [​IMG] When I foiled the butt I think I'd be pulling those beans if it was me.
  8. fishawn

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    Pulled the beans,,,,,,,WOW,,,,,getting ready to foil the brisket. Gotta stay awake another 1/2 hour or so.
  9. pineywoods

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    Hang in there its getting close don't sleep now [​IMG]
  10. waysideranch

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    Everything looks great. Leienkugels some great stuff also.
  11. coyote

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    wow..I'd be on that like a hound dawg on a supper plate..
  12. fishawn

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    Checked them this morning after 11 hours in the smoker at 225-230* The point, which was on top of the smoker was at 209* and the flat was directly below it and at 205*. A little higher than I had wanted, but I think it will be ok. They are now resting in foil with lots of juice with them! We will not be eating until Friday afternoon...........ANY INPUT ON THE COOLING AND RE-HEATING PROCESS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!
  13. hacksaw

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    Man those look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Looks like your brisket turned out great Fishawn. I hope mine looks like that this weekend. Question for ya, where did you find the brisket in town for $1.36? I just bought 2 flats yesterday at Costco and paid $2.49. Saw it for $4.49 at Top Foods this morning. $1.36 is a steal! Hook a brother up [​IMG]

  15. fishawn

    fishawn Smoking Fanatic

    Check you email Dave, just keep it quiet........[​IMG]
  16. cowgirl

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    Looks great Fishawn!! [​IMG]
  17. Thanks Fishawn, your secrets safe with me [​IMG]
  18. t-bone tim

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    Tasty looking grub Fishawn , nice job !
  19. murraygw

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    just buying flats will be more $$$$$

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