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Discussion in 'Beef' started by grothe, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. grothe

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    Took a shot at a 13# brisket last friday night ( first one). After about 2 hours in the smoker, my 170# Sheperd/Rutweiler went chasing after what I think was a rabbit and got himself hungup on a piece of farm equipment. Off to the animal ER!! Dog survived... Brisket survived... neither one in great shape though. Made burnt ends out of the point - those were GREAT!!! (Used Jeff's rub) Wish I had pix. Flat was a little dry - shared it with the dog ( he isn't hard to please ). He's feeling much better now -$2400 + 1/2 brisket flat later.
    Oh well, guess I'll try again , besides - he's worth it!!!
  2. pineywoods

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    Sorry to hear that but hopefully the dog will be ok and the next smoke will go better. All was not lost at least you got to eat some of it and I'm sure the dog enjoyed it. Sure hope he hasn't figured out a new way to get himself some good Q [​IMG]
  3. rtom

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    sorry to hear about your pet I hope everything turns out ok. I hope you have better luck next time
  4. seboke

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    After that ordeal, hope ya didn't give him just the burnt ends! Glad all turned out OK!
  5. agmeyer

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    [​IMG] If you want to cure the dog of chasing rabbits; find a road-killed one? Then wrap him to an electric fence you can turn on with electric fence wire ; hanging about 12-15 inches off the ground. Turn on the sprinkler after making sure the fencer is grounded well and let the dog loose. If he goes after it a 3 time; he is not too bright for a dog. Most generally the first bite and a second sniff does the trick. Hope it helps. I used to raise German Shorthairs and had to cure them also.
    Using a deer scent gland will stop them from wanting to chase deer also.
  6. bbqgoddess

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    OMG if ya posted this some where in a California newspaper there would be several organizations hunting ya down like Frankenstien...PETA, ACLU..Gloria Alred...(she is really scary I would take Frank any day)
    People with 1/2 a brain would see the beauty in this as you are trying to save your animal from the fate of the ill-fated pooch in this story ~ bravo! I hope your poopy puppy is on the mend ASAP!! I am sure he is gettin' lots o' luv!!
    We will anxiously await a Q-VUE WITH YOUR DOG!!! [​IMG]
  7. grothe

    grothe Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    He's actually quite the hunter, think the smell of beef in the smoker drives im alittle crazy.... and hungry! Electric fences all over the place here - knows what those are all about! More rabbits and other varmints he catches = less dog food!!!

    He's doing really good, a bit upset he can't run around on his own yet. Really wants to get back into our pond - practically live in it!

    Thanx for the concern. He sure does.... thinks the world is his and everything else revolves around him.[​IMG]


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