Brisket and Wicked Baked beans

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Oct 22, 2006
Hi everyone, just got done taking the Wicked baked beans out of the oven and now waiting on the brisket to get done. Its at 133 deg now and I will foil it at 170. I will try to get pics of the brisket and post them on here. Not sure just how to do this, but I will try.

I cant say thank you enough to the people on this forum for all the help and tips for people like me who are pretty new to smoking. This kind of knowledge on the art of BBQ is priceless.

Mike H
Ok, I have pics, but dont know just how to put them on here. I will post them once someone can help me out with that. thanks.. and the Brisket came out pretty good...

click on "post reply" just under the above post. there is a box that has "add an attachment" in it. click on that. you then choose the pic(s) you want to add. this is if they are on your pc.
Thanks, I will give it a try











Thanks Chris, now how do I add if they are saved out on another hosting place? Still trying to learn how to do all this..

Nice looking brisket Mike!

I'm not sure about others but ImageShack provides the HTML code for you and you have to do is copy and paste it to the forum. Check them out.

I would love to share, but my wife sent some home with her folks and her sister. There is not much left after she did that. Just know that it was pretty good.. Brisket and beans -- just dont get any better than that..

Looks real good! I still haven't tried the wicked beans recipe. I smell a brisket and bean cook in my future.
Pyre, you wont be dissapointed with those beans I promise you. Dutch's recipe is fantastic. Everyone in my family and at work who has tried them say they are good..

Cheech, I am pretty new to all this. This forum has been great to get tips and advice from the experts just by reading the posts. My briskets were not very good untill I got on here and I would have never got the beans recipe without this place (thanks Dutch). The people are nice and willing to help everyone.. I like that..


Your results look fantastic. Great job !! Was going to ask you to e-mail me a little, but you said it was all gone.

Need to comment on your avatar, also. Nothing tears at my old heartstrings like a good old 'pooch'. Looks like you got one of those, right there where he belongs, on the couch taking a nap. Thats priceless!! I just glanced across the room at mine, sprawled on his pillow, sawing logs. That's priceless too.

Once again, 'good job'. Keep up the good work.

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