Brisket and Sausage

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May 1, 2006
Dubuque, Iowa
I took a brisket and hammered it out flat 1/2" thick and I want to take Italian sausage mixed with winter onions, morel mushrooms, chopped up buckboard bacon and a little seasond pepper. Roll it up in the brisket. I am wondering when the internal temp of sausage reaches what it is supposed to be will the brisket be done and tender enough :oops: would like some coments please.
Davey, Ground meats should be cooked to an internal temp of 160-165 degrees. Beef to an internal of 145 degrees. In order for the connective tissue to break down enough for the brisket to be tender, you'll need to cook the brisket to an internal temp of 185 degrees.
Davey if you don't mind ... I'd like to see your brisket rouladen. :D Please post pictures of the progress and results if you can.
By the time I got back for a reply it was all done I did not even think about taking pictures of the progress, next time I try an experiment camera is going with. I sarted it out on preheated smoker with no smoke for one hour and started smoking until the internal temp reached 185 kept temp inside smoker at about 225 degrees. basted it 1 hour from end with cranberry marinade. Looks good and was good but here is end results. I tried to take better picture but I am not a photographer
It's a little tough to tell the size of your roast from the picture and a little difficult to make out the sausage. But I can clearly see a smoke ring and a light sauce that looks delicious. :D

How big was the brisket? I presume that it was a flat only. How long did it take to cook? And finally, how was the brisket's texture, was it nice & tender after pounding it out?

Thanks for sharing! 8)

Oh, one more thing..... I've never heard of stuffing a brisket before, did you think of the idea?
I know when I took the picture the flash was over powering I could not get a good pic. :oops: It took me about 4 1/2 hours to get it tender enough 185 degrees internal temp. the whole thing weighed about 4#s. I keep the temp inside the oven at around 225 degrees. I started out at 150 degrees with no smoke for first hour then turned up heat to around 225 degrees. next time I do it I will get a better camera. I got the Idea when I took a whole brisket took the flat end and made jerky the other end I cleaned all the fat off and wondered what to do with this end it was all odd shape so I took my meat hammer and started flattening it out, and now what well I had some italian sausage and I mixed it with some morel mushrooms, winter onions, some buckboard bacon that I made, I made a pork loin one time why not brisket. towards the end I glazed it with famous Daves cranberry citrus marinade. I will tell you It was very tasty. To tell you the truth I wish I would have left it in a little longer it was just a tiny tiny bit tough. My wife thought it was good so if she says so it had to be good. :shock:
As I mentioned earlier, I believe you are sailing uncharted waters with brisket as I've never heard of that being done before. I've stuffed butterflied skirt steak to make matambre and have stuffed pork but never thought of using a brisket for anything but .... well .... brisket. My hat's off to you for trying something new! 8)

Do keep us posted of any further progress.
Very interesting..... Sounds good. May just have to try one sometime.

The pic looks out of focus most likely because you were too close. If you have a macro setting, did you use it? Next time, try using the macro setting, or back off just a little more. Usually the closest you can get with a standard lens if abt 18 to 24 inches. It all depends on the lens. As far as the flash, sometimes I find it just a good to leave it off, especially if you have good lighting from a window. Just some thoughts. I've done a lot of freelance photography, and first thought at looking at your pic without knowledge of what you used.

I should have used my 35mm , with my macro lens,but I did not I used my new fangled digital I took how many with that camera and I could not get it right , all the other pictures I took turned out great. :oops: Thanks for looking. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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