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Discussion in 'Beef' started by derek, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. We are having a luncheon friday and I have been recomended (told) to do the cooking. I am glad cause it means most folks at work like my smoke. So I am doing 2 5+lb bone in Butts and a Briskett that is just over 10lbs. I don't get home till about 6pm and I have to leave for work at 645am the next morning so I am a little concerned about time for my Brisket. I am rubbing them all the night before to have a 18+ hr dry rub. Would you guys look over my plans and point out any problems or give me tips to make sure I don't bring some unworthy bbq to my coworkers?

    I will have the GOSM all set up and ready for when I get home and I am just planning on lighting the smoker and tossing the brisket in right away, at a temp of 200-225, which will hopefully be no later than 6pm (ordinarily I would take the chill off it but I am worried about time). About 8pm I was planning on tossing the butts in. I will be up adding smoke till around 11, maybe midnight. At that point I will go to bed and not add anymore chunks.

    Question: Should I wrap the butts and/or brisket inn foil before I go to bed or will it just be fine since I would not be adding anymore smoke to it and just keep the temp 200-225?

    I was planning on removing them just before I leave to work and wrapping them in heavy duty foil and put them in a big cooler and take to work. I am a lil concerned cause I won't be really be able to deal with temp (i.e. if it didn't make 185-190 temp for the brisket) but I don't have ability to go longer cause I have to take kids to school and get to work. I think I would be fine but I was looking to you guys to keep me in the right direction. You have never steered me wrong before. Thanks, I will try and take some pics for qview of the b4 and after and have them up sometime fri. Thanks
  2. krusher

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    I think your butts will be finished in time, but the brisket ,,, dont know. Will your wife be home before you get there, if so I would load the chip box, and fill up the water pan, and have her throw it in for you. If wife not home, is there a neighbor you trust with the responsibility?

    hope you get it all figured out.
  3. fatback joe

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    If I was cooking for work, I would tell them that I might not be in that least not on time. [​IMG]
  4. solar

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    Exactly what I was thinking, or leave early the day before. Does your work have a kitchen? You could always finish it in the oven.

    I haven't been smoking for long, but one thing I have learned is don't plan on a exact time to be finished. [​IMG]
  5. biggiesize

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    I wrapped a brisket before I went somewhere for a "quick" shopping spree, but I should have known I was in trouble when my woman came along. 3 hours later, my pan was full of juice with my poor brisket completly submerged. it was dry as a bone, took a ton of sauce just to eat it. No more wrapping for me if i cant watch the temp.
  6. lcruzen

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    Your plan is sound but ya just never now what might happen. I guess if it were me I'd doze on the couch with the TV on close to the GOSM and check it several times thru the night. Foil it at 165-170o and see where it was when the alarm goes off. If it ain't ready I'm calling the boss and say " see ya at lunch".
  7. walking dude

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    wow.........good question.......NORMALLY a 10 brisket will take @ 15 hours, maybe more with the stall.........but my last 10lb brisket was done in 8 hours.......go finger..........but these are temps i run at.........250 will speed up the time of the smoke
  8. Thanks to all. I think I am just going to try and leave work early. I could come to work late no problem, but I HAVE to get the kiddies to school on time. I will just try to get home early and toss the brisket on early. thanks for all the help
  9. capt dan

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    Come home an hr early, and keep the morning schedule as usual, you'll be fine. If they get done early, just put em in the cooler early and cover and rest, and rest, and rest. It will only make it better.

    Around my pit, the butts(7-8 lbs) are usually done an hr or so after the briskets(10-12 lbs). So I usually load them at the same time. I said usually,[​IMG] have had the briskets fo as long as 12-13 hrs before and butts to 14 before, but those were stubborn meats in the winter.

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