Brisket and Beef Ribs

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Mar 18, 2006
Here are some pics of a brisket and beef ribs that I did last month...

Do NOT drool on the keyboard.. I warned you....

A full beef packer (abt 6.6lbs) cut in half, a slab of beef ribs, and a pack of beef short ribsjust on the smoker.

Ribs at 170 degrees, ready to wrap for a little while.

Ribs going in the foil

Short ribs going in foil

Short ribs coming off the smoker

Ribs coming off the smoker

Close up of ribs.

All the ribs together

Even the dog liked them.

Remember, I warned you.... you drool, you deal with it....
:evil: :evil: :evil:

There's a puddle on the floor here, too!@ And my dog looks disgusted!

Thanks for sharing! Awesome!
They look good.. good thing you warned me .. I got to try on my new rubbers, didn't want to get my feet all wet .. nice pics .. Thanks for sharing.

Glad I warned ya.....

I'm glad you enjoyed them, I really enjoyed cooking them. There is just something abt a nice long cooking session that is relaxing to me. I enjoy cooking, so maybe the none rush is what does it...

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