Brinkmann snp vs. Chargriller snp

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by outdrdude, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Hello all! Just found this forum and am about to put together one of the new style Brinkmann snp's. I also have a available the Chargriller. Which would you choose or is better? I did a search and didn't find a difinitive answer to this question. Which between these two only. Not interested in any other at this point.

    Thanks any input helps...
  2. flagriller

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    Well, I have the Chargriller Super Pro with the Side Fire Box, so I partial to it. In essence they are almost the same so the choice is yours. They both need the basic mods and both come from reputable companies. You won't find any difinitive differences because they are both basic entry level type smokers that produce excellent results and work well. What swung me towards the CG Super Pro was the heavy cast iron grates.
  3. gypsyseagod

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    i've got 2 of the brinkmans(couldn't find a cg for the same price the day i wanted my 2nd pit). design-wise they're the same. depending on where you live the metal work tray may be better( rot & whatnot). it's just a personal preference i guess. goodluck w/ your decision. remember,we love theQview(pics of the cooking) p.s.-head onover to rollcall fora proper smf introduction from us.
  4. hawgheaven

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    I own the CG as well, I love it... Welcome aboard!

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