Brinkmann Smoke 'N Pit $100 at Wal Mart

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Original poster
Jun 15, 2007
Ortonville, Michigan
I had to drag myself out of there before I gave in to the temptation. My wife would kill me if I bought another smoker. She already says I'm obsessed.
i went into menards yesterday and they had a store special for $75 on them.... the missus dragged me out of the store kicking and screaming rather
Dont they get lonely when your using one and not the others?And I was wondering how I was going to tell Laura about the Lang 48 Patio or BDS smoker I want...


She did what!
Where? Just got home early afternoon (been gone for alot of days), and I get to go out again tomorrow (got to win the lottery)!
you have a link? i went to and it is not even listed on the site. i have seen them at two of my local wal-marts. they don't have a price posted on them though. i checked one out that is assembled for display. looks like a nicely built unit.
6? ... I have 7 and the thread on the BDS is on mind. Looking for barrels everywhere I go. It will be 8 soon.
Yea I "told" my wife I'm getting another smoker... she said it was
so now I have 2. One day I want to get a wood burning one. But where I live, no way. But it's a start. And I'm not obsessed, I'M ADDICTED!!
my wife says im obsessed with smoking, and i don't even smoke meat every weekend anymore- only because she doesn't like it like i do. i could eat it everyday; she is happy to eat it once a month.
Got mine at wally world for 60 bucks its a char-grill but a smaller version
I had my homebuilt going and also my new smoker going and with all the bags the wife said it looks like the hillbilly's She says Iam too into it.
Good luck and Good smoking


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