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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bonsaikc, May 30, 2008.

  1. bonsaikc

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    Here's my smoker. This is my first sfb smoker, and for the most part I like it. I have smoked some turkey, chicken, etc. on it. In the past I have used the one you see in the background (el cheapo something) as well as a stint last year with ecb. (Thanks for the rollover definitions, it really helps pick up the lingo!)

    Last year I smoked some ribs and a brisket in the ecb, and the ribs were great although too tender for competition (not that I'm going) but I completely dried out the brisket.

    I smoked my first brisket using this method yesterday, and although it was a practice brisket, it came out so well that I am going to use it for the big campout.

    My first mod was the better temp gauge you see. This one came with a gauge that said in two languages (you guess which two), "Warm," "Hot," and "Ideal." Ideal spread over about 200 degrees. [​IMG]

    So I purchased this one and had to use large washers because the hole was very large. I intend to add the dryer hose mod, as well as perhaps a baffle plate.

    I am using a tremendous amount of charcoal in this firebox, and have been reading some of the threads about mods, etc. What are the most important mods for the occasional smoker who isn't very good at getting projects finished? Something perhaps with minimal power tool usage.....
  2. bigun

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    Easy mods. A baffle, I used a disposable aluminum pan, or an oven liner, just something to keep the heat down a little. Smoke stack extension, I used aluminum flashing and just rolled it and stuck it in the exhaust vent. The flashings springiness holds it in with no ther help. And a charcoal box, out of expanded metal. Total shouldn't cost more then a few bucks and maybe an hour of effort (Most of it in the coal box)
  3. ddave

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    If you are using a lot of charcoal, it may be that the temp where your temp guage is lower than the grate level temp. These are not the most efficent smokers anyway but you may be driving the temp up higher than you realize.

    On mine (see avatar) I have the dial thermos plus I use digital probes at the grate level and the dial thermos are about 30 degrees lower than the grate level probes.

  4. linescum

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    i have the exact same unit and although it works great it also seemed to go thru an awful lot of charcoal.. the main reason is due to the leakage and what its worth with all the time and effort to seal it up might be better off to invest in something a little better... i bought a gosm wide body and just love the thing..but i'm also going to build another charcoal unit out of a large hot water pressure tank i have laying around
  5. mrnovice

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    I was wondering the same thing about the modifications. I used my brinkman over the 4th of July weekend by smoking two briskets. They came out pretty good and tender with good smoke flavor. I did use alot of wood though. I think it's to much smoke coming out from the sides but all in all it worked pretty well. Anybody have any thoughts how to seal the sides?
  6. daboys

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    When I 1st got my SnP I burned briquettes. After a couple smokes and reading here I switched to RO lump. Made a big diff. Went through less and burned much longer. Also don't have to empty out the ashes all the time.

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