Brinkman vs. Chargriller

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Your options are kind of strange. One is like 550 bucks and the other is like 110 bucks, I think lowes is still selling them. I am also very new to smoking but my choices for the first smoker was between the char-broil silver smoker and the char-griller pro. Upon seeing the char-griller at the hardware store I felt it was quite flimsy, which disappointed me because from looking at the specifications and pictures on the internet I thought it was for me. But I was glad the had one there so I knew it wasn't for me. and since making some modifications to my silver smoker. It has really performed. I can find a great link for smoker modifications if you want to see basically what I've done. But if you go with the brinkman, no mods would be necessary.

The thing about the char-griller and the char-broil silver smoker is that they also double as a simple charcoal grill for when your not trying to smoke but just make tons of food at a tailgate party or something. I don't think the brinkman you've chosen is practical for such use.

good luck with your decision, I know this was probably of little help. but in general I would pass on the char-griller.
riz, that Brinkmann site is notorious for that retail pricing crap.

The BSKD is regularly $189 in places like Menards, so the pricing (CGP is $179) is fairly close

Personally, I would go with the BSKD. It is very versatile, because of the shear options and space that a vertical provide.

I have a Bandera, and would not trade it in for anything (non custom, that is).

And what part of Chicago you from SotW?
Oh, and the Brinkmann actually needs to be modded up quite a bit to get some consistency:

Fire Grate
Heat Sheild are the 3 basics, but the firebricks mod also is a good idea.

Noah, show us your mods please
oh really, good, that price seemed rediculous.

I'm really satified with my modded silver smoker but it seems each time I start it up more and more people stop by. So sometime I might need a little more capacity.

Thanks for the info
Thanks guys. I was also looking at the great outdoors smokey mountain big block. But I'am leaning towards the Brinkman. Bill what mods need to be done to the Brinkman. Oh, 70 miles west of chicago.
Smoke, I am in Aurora, 45 miles west of Chicago

Where exactly are you?

Noah will post the exact modifications to the BSKD

I got a PM into him

So where are you? We might be neighbors?
Ok guys, sorry I missed the posts last night! I did three mods, starting with the baffle, as this is the most important one. Next, I constructed a charcal basket and support, which used some sheet metal and expanded metal I bought from HD. Lastly, I lined the bottom of the smoke box with soapstone tile. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, and of the two smokers, the BSKD is the most versitile by far!


Here are a couple more pics that I could not fit in the last post. Mind you these pics were taken when the smoker was new, and please DON'Tuse anything galvanized! If this is the way you go, the mods will make a pretty good smoker one that will cook just as well as the big boys!

Nice pictorial on those mods Noah. I have been looking at BSKD (when the wife's not with me) and I'm thinking it might look good next to my GOSM. Never know when you'll need some more smoking space. :P
Since the BSKD was a father's day present, I would probably be strung up by my toe nails if I sold her! However, Bill said that he had seen some for around $189, which is a sight better than the $249 I paid! Keep your eye out at Lowes, as at the end of the season, they usually sell the display models for a steep discount.
Hey Dutch, I've been trying to figure how to tell my wife that we need a GOSM to go with our BSKD :D Think that's about the same as your problem, Eh? :mrgreen:
Now I can't decide between the GOSM or the BSKD. What do you think of those. I have no problem adding propane to the BSKD. Which one has more space. Willkat I'am in Sandwich just a little west of you.
Hey Smoke,

If I had to decide on one or the other, I would go with the GOSM. Reason being, very few modifications are required, haven't seen many posts of people that were unhappy with their GOSM. The only down side I see is that it locks you into cooking with propane. I wouldn't have a problem with that, but it might limit some things you could want to do.

If I bought a GOSM it would definitly be the big block. I have looked at all three models and the Big Block is the way to go.
It really comes down to what you want out of a smoke. Tending the fire, and learning the equipment is as much fun as the actual cooking. Actually, I prefer the trip over the destination! If you want set-it-and-forget-it, then the BSKD is not for you. However, if you are a pyromaniac at heart, then this is your cooker.
Rodger, Have your tried the "But Honey, the BSKD looks sooo lonely, maybe we ought to get it a GOSM friend" line? :P
You guys just need to go pick up your new smoker, and flash those puppy dog eyes, and say "honey, look what I found on the way home!" Isn't she cute? :)
Noah, I just bought that 1955 Chevy BelAir-I DON'T DARE buy anything else for a while. Call me chicken, BUT I do know the limits of my Brides' good nature besides, the dogs complain that I snore when I have to sleep in the dog house. :P is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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