Brinkman Smoke n grill problems

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by lakai84, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. lakai84

    lakai84 Newbie

    The pan on the bottom comes out but i'm not really sure how to dump the charcoal in after lighting it with the chimney. I first took the grates out and water pan then just dumped the charcoal. This just seemed awkward. There must be a better and easier way. Is there a certain way to mod it where i can just pick up the smoker and the charcoal pan sits stationary? Additionally i figured i cant dump the charcoal cause the door is too small. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. gravey

    gravey Smoke Blower

    When I use my brinkman, I usually fire my chimney in an old cast iron pan. This way, when I need to add coals to the smoker, I can dump them out of the chimney into the pan, and then use my tongs to add them to the coal basket. Just make sure to do it quickly and don't wear sandals..........
  3. erain

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    mine isnt a brinkman, at least i dont think but the pan sets on top of the legs which screw to the inside of the smoker housing correct??? on mine i moved the legs from the inside to the outside. added some feet to the pan and when i want access to the pan just lift the whole thing off off the charcoal pan. do what you need and set smoker back over the charcoal pan. maybe might work for you???
  4. mr mac

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    There are plenty of mods to make your job easier which include removing the legs and reinstalling them on the outside and placing your coal pan on fire bricks or some other suitable (aka fireproof) surface. Then, all you have to do is lift the entire unit away from the coals.
  5. lakai84

    lakai84 Newbie

    Yes i've heard about doing that. I can certainly do that....i totally forgot. How do you guys usually regulate the heat. The gauge says warm ideal and hot. I have a meat thermometer shoved between the lid and the frame. works well but i wanna find a new thermometer. do you just place coals in the pan and wait for them to light?
  6. mr mac

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    Most of us here use the Minion Method of starting the coals on their journey and the best solution (IMHO) is to use a chimney starter. It's always best to start with a little less than what you might need and then add more as you get closer to your desired temp on an unmodified unit.

    Maverick and Taylor both make pretty good thermometers (that is to say pretty accurate right out of the box) and are priced anywhere from $20 to $35 depending on features. Most of us run two, one for the smoker and one for the meat. My old Brinkmann is at 225 when the needle sits on the I in Ideal but yours will likely be different.

  7. erain

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    ditto what Mac says... dont trust the thermo on the smoker. think of it as a plug for the hole drilled in the smoker. also i have had a taylor and was a great thermo, then went to the maverick 2 probe system... one for the meat and one for smoker. is ideal, the reciever lets you know if smoker temp is too hot or too cold and then also lets you know when desired internal temp is reached.
  8. ga.rick

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    if you check out jeff's video on smoking a turkey in his ecb you will see
    first hand the mods that he made. it makes adding your charcoal a lot better.
    good smokn!
  9. do u have the link to jeffs video? thx
  10. if you want an easy wy to use a brinkman just take the bottom legs off drill  5  quater in hole at bottom equaly spaced  1in up and use an 18" grill base to set the brinkmann on. use the base as your bottom basket  then you can use the door to add coals, smoke chips and water.
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  11. do you hv a picture of that?
  12. bones style

    bones style Newbie

    I like my Brinkman, mods and all.

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  13. I've got to agree.  There's nothing not to love about the WSM once you gain a little experience with it.  The only reason I'm using the MasterCraft now is because I can use it on the covered porch and stay out of the weather.  I foolishly tried that with the WSM and burned a hole in my deck.
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  14. sprky

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    I have the solution to that. Go to Lowe's or any other big box store that sells water heaters. Buy a drip pan for a water heater, set your WSM in that works like a charm.
  15. alvasin

    alvasin Newbie

    The two most popular models under Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker series have gained a positive reputation amongst outdoor grilling lovers. They are the Brinkmann Gourmet and the Brinkmann Smoke'n Grill charcoal cookers.

    The two are pretty similar in both construction and smoking features. The Gourmet charcoal line is a little better in quality with some minor improvements, but it comes at much higher price. So the Smoke N Grill is still more widely chosen by budget conscious buyers.

    Brinkmann charcoal smokers are best described as perfect entry level smokers which introduce versatile functionalities all in one single charcoal-grill-smoker combined slow cooker. Their focus are in ease of use and very affordable prices, if not say almost the cheapest, in the outdoors cooking niche.

  16. f4paws

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    I have an 18.5 Masterbuilt Grill and was thinking about that exact option.  However the specs show that the Brinkmann's assembled width is 21.  I wasn't sure it would fit.  Are you doing this now?
  17. Where can I get some expanded metal to make a grate and fire box, see picture[​IMG]
  18. mr500

    mr500 Meat Mopper

    Lowes  and HD use to carry that. Not sure if they still do.  Try a metal working/welding shop as they  might have left over pcs that will fit the bill
  19. jbird

    jbird Fire Starter

    You can find it at many hardware's or your local steel supply..

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