Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe

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Dec 19, 2005
Beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan
Had a big smoking day Friday and discovered a little trick with the smoker.

If I place a nice fire and build up some nice coals right away. Then load up the charcoal starter up and once ready put into the smoker. If I keep the vents wide open with doing nothing else it will hold perfectly at 200F

If I need to get it hotter crack the firebox door just a bit it will jump up a hair.

I just needed to quite fighting the temperatures and let her run where she wants to sit and let it go.

Worked out great
A smoker is like a woman. Don't try to control her, let her do her thing and she'll keep you happy.

Mark Twain would be proud of me!
Way to go Cheech!

Sounds almost like the minon method with a calibrated eye to the open door. Not that the frustration is over - what's next?

Al -

Mark Twain was a very smart man! Don't beat us into submission just suggest alternatives and let us think it's our idea!
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