brink smoke-n-pit mods(works for chargriller too)

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the 1st thing i did was take the coaltray-flip it & flatten it & wrap it in foil(for clean ups). raised the firebox end to the highest setting & folded some foil around the gaps,lowered the other end to the next to lowest setting using it as a baffle/long tuning plate. took the cooking grate closest to the sfb & wrapped it in 4 layers of foil as an additional tuning plate or i can poke slits in it for grilling/hot smoking fish or boneless poultry strips. my temps range from 275-300 against the firebox 225-250in the middle (water/catch pan under that grate), and 200-225 @ the far end. sounds like a large difference but i can have a fatty @ the far end come off the pit about the same time as 3-2-1 ribs(middle) and a whole chicken(hot end). unit 1 has the warming rack so the stack to grate mod isn't possible. but that 1 is great for ribs on the racks or corn,garlic, etc.
I thought it was against the law to clean the inside of a smoker. You know, a little like putting cast iron in the dishwasher.
oh another hint i learned the hard way. the little mounting screw on the bottom of the chamber just before the grease can will drip juice before the can gets put some goop around it too.
thanx meowey. replace the axle w/ a longer 1 w/ threaded ends and lock nuts & bigger tires, also add axle & tires to the front legs too. hawg, if ya see this didn't you do a bigger tire mod? if so, what did you use for tires?- i need something suitable for"offroad"- no... not 38" mudders lol.
Gypsy, I used air-filled hand truck tires... they were cheap at Harbor Freight. I had to fab some bushings for the hubs, because the axle diameter was too small. I used the stock axle for one set, and bought the same diameter steel rod for the other. I just drilled holes in them for cotter pins to keep the wheels in place.
well i got as far as the liquor store(thats an hour away)before baby had a fuss.... but maybe tomorrow i get my new catering trailer- 15' sleeps 3 ( 1 maybe us both & baby after my mods) fridge, propane stove conversion(another mod),propane heated outdoor shower(yet another mod) but if the axles,bearings,springs,floors, & exterior are good- for $350- i won't bi*ch. if i can get a cold box,hot box & both pits in the tent & tables...sounds like i may only get a couple events in this season & be busy during the winter. wish i could just buy a toy hauler new..... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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