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smoking canada up

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Jun 14, 2007
elmira ont canada
i haven't tried this but i was wondering if it would work, instedtd of submerging the chicken in salt water if you put 2 or 3 cups of salt water in a vacum sealed bag with the chicken , then put in fridge over night or for several hours, would this work? my concern is for commercial purposes i am looking to open a vending trailor.What do you think?
P.s I really love this forum.
One of the problems with a vacuum bag I see is how can you get a good vacuum and seal without "sucking" out the brine, thus rendering the seal basically worthless. Reason I say this is because I have a vacumm sealer and I have messed up a few times with raw meat. Sucks the juices along with the air out. Now I partially freeze meats before I seal. My .02 cts worth.
Hey Dawg....

I just did a search on marinading meat using a vacuum sealer and they said to put a paper towel between the meat and the sealer to prevent the issue you were having.

Might be worth giving it a try again this way.
Did that. Instruction book said the same thing. Does'nt work well. Gets the paper towel nice and moist and juices still "inch" their way to where the seal will be. The best I've found is to partically freeze meats , just to firm them up, before you vacuum.
I really think brining in a cantainer is the way to go. I have tried the vacuum sealer and was not successful. Should you try it and it does work I would reeally like to know how you do it.

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Smokin Canada...if your just brining for hours or overnight why do you need to vacuum seal ?? could you not just use large ziplock type bags ?? my .02 worth
It has a setting for "wet" or "moist" items. Does'nt work too well.

Alot of the sealers come with (or as an option) those canisters where you can vacuum the air out. But they are not big enough for a whole bird. I've never tried it, but you may be able to get most of it in if you butcher it and put the pieces in. Those work pretty well. Kept fresh dill in the fridge for a couple of months before. Food for thought.....
Injecting the brine should get you better results. Possibly try injecting it numerous times followed by an overnight marinade.....
So in therery it would work, so i went to the local restaurant supply store and tey told me about vacum packaging machines which you can vacum seal a bag of soup, so if you had liquid for marinating or brinning can be done in these machines. The company name is OMCAN INC and they cost in between 3000 and 4500. The reason i am so interested in doing this this way is that i have limited space and i will be doing between 15-25 chickens at a time in a vending trailer.
It works well. I have 4 pastramis brining in vacuum sealed bags right now. Inject it first, put it in the bag and seal it. Cicken is just easier to use an empty cheeseball container - it's just over night not worth dragging everything out. For a week long or longer brine - use the bags!
WHOA! Sealers on steriods! Gotta have, Gotta have, Gotta have! That would be so cool to have something like that. I honestly have never heard of a sealer that strong/powerful. Problem though, $. Hope things work out for ya....
I just bought a Foodsaver sealer yesterday looking forward to using it...I havent even got a chance to open it up and read the manual..(its riding around shotgun in my wifes car and she is not home yet)
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