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Brine, sauce, rubs, marinades without Salt. (the skies falling)


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Well I have a strange illness, Meniere's disease, I am getting random severe Vertigo. The doc want me to go on a low salt diet, 1500mg or less a day, and no Caffeine. Wow, This will be a drastic change.

We have our 10 different coffee beans flavors that we rotate through day by day. I have been doing this for 35 years. Now I am trying to find herbal teas to replace my morning coffee. One problem solved at least physically, I'm still dealing with it emotional.

Now salt, The down side is I can not use a potassium substitute because of the diuretic the doc gave me is potassium sparing. Meaning that the diuretic will slowly try to get rid of salt in my system, but I will retain Potassium. To high of potassium is really bad on your system, you can get real sick: kidneys fail, arrhythmias.

Low salt, Diet, Help me Lord. Any of you on a low salt diet, know that salt is everywhere, and there is salt naturally in meats and cheese. And almost everything I smoke has some salt added to it in the process. brines, rub, marinades, sauces. This seem overwhelming. I have a couple of rubs that I make, I can try those without salt. most marinades and sauces are store bought (full of salt).

First request, anyone have a link to buy Jeffs book. This will allow me to hopefully find some recipes I can modify to make them salt free.

Second request: Brines. The whole basis of a brine is the salt. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around what I can do for my brines. I can't imagine not brining a turkey, with out using salt, or not using soy, or worcester sauce in brines or braising sauce.

Lastly, any other hints/words of Wisdoms.

I am a Cardiac Nurse, and I help people make it though open heart surgeries, and Heart failure. Almost all of my patients have to be on a low salt diet. I have had several patient that love to smoke. I think this personal journey will be able to help me relate and help some of those that are willing to change their diet.

Thank for your help.
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