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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gorillagrilla, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. O.K second try at whole chickens went well . Now I wanna try to de- bone one for tomorow. Brine before or after de-boning ? does it matter ? second , smoke em still opened up or roll em up ? Thinking will get to temp. better opened up but will take more room in the smoker.
  2. bigal

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    Why de-bone? Just curious.
  3. travcoman45

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    Don't know why you want to debone, but, personally, I would debone then brine and lay em out flat so you get and even smoke on em. Just me, never tried a deboned one in the smoker before. Good luck, let us know how it comes out!
  4. bigal

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    Sounds like your the "tester" for this, Gorilla. Good luck and go for it, I'm sure you'll do fine.

  5. dont like bones, but can use em for soup stock. love chicken breasts, never a big fan of dark meat, but smoked its good. chicken breasts go for $5.99 a pound here, so trying to find a way to make a whole chicken in a way where I will actually LIKE the whole thing. I am experimenting
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    Well, if you cook it right (it will fall right off) and you like the breast and dark if smoked, then just de-bone it after you're done. So, you're a happy guy.

    That's what I'd do and do with chicken and turkey. The easist way I know of to de-bone a yard bird.

    We eat the breast and use the rest for chicken salad or such.
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    $5.99!!![​IMG] WOW I can get good ribeyes on sale around here for that!
    On sale we get boneless breast for around $1.65/lb.

    I think its a double edged sword, I also like to make my own broth so the bones would be great for that, but I also think cooking with the bones in adds flavor.

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