bridge fell

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Didn't catch what Rt. it was but they showed a lot of cars and trucks in the water....sure hope things are better than what was shown...
i just saw that- used to drive that minneapolis daily. it's between bloomington & burnsville. i think fox got it wrong on the going to st. paul part cause the bridge runs north & south- st. paul is to the east.
A friend of mine's son was a block away heading towards and just about to go over the bridge when this happened. I guessing he was very fortunate by about 10 seconds or less. This is a terrible tragedy; I sure hope terrorism is not the cause of this.
Hey Mossy

Been pretty hectic around here since the bridge dropped, we all are glued to the TV or Radio. Last I heard, 30 people are still missing and so far only 4 dead. My Cousin is a MLPS Cop and he called me this morning, He was up all night. They are trying to get some cars up off the bottom of the river right now.. They are trying to lower the river by shutting the lock and dam up river, and opening the lock and dam down river.

Some of the survivors have been on the radio telling their storys, they were just driving along, felt a shake and all of a sudden they were falling from the sky, one lady had a pickup fall on top of her car, and neither her or her baby had a scratch...

You can't help but get all choked up...
FOXNEWS has a video of it collapsing, somehow there was a video camera pointed in that direction, It sure mad a huge splash. Seconds later a second portion of the bridge dropped, looked like on the rail cars side of the river.

Its I-35W
Pics of it look terrible, they said many were injured with head and neck injuries. I heard in 2005 it was inspected and deemed structurally deficient and possibly in need of replacement. My thought and prayer to the families involved...
In 2001 the University of Minnesota inspected that bridge and that is the report they produced. In 2005 and 2006 MN DOT inspected this bridge and they deemed it was a sound structure but recommended work in the near future. The Governor has ordered all bridges in the state with this type of structure be inspected immediatly.

My Edit.5:05pm
Just read the latest on a couple of local websites here, and now they are saying the same thing Shellbellc said. Structurally Deficient...
Everything I heard on the radio was completely different than what I just read. Guess I don't know for sure what is really the truth or not. Every news station is reporting something different...
Yeah Deb, it is a miracle. But, it's gonna take a whole lot more for the government to learn... it is just sad... very sad.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by this horrible tragedy.
sad thing is these kinds of bridges are common across the us and all are basically suspect due to one thing or another, commonly it's due to age as the structure deteriotes over's been known for a very long time but mostly go overlooked as "it costs too much".........
Smoked honey I can't tell you how happy I am to see that silly cartoon of yours siting on that rock again!

Now if we can figure out where Gunslinger got off to ... I know concret is busy this time of year
It's sad the way Government seems to work...nothing gets done till a tradgety happens....then it's on with bad they wouldn't be proactive instead of reactive.....and practice more prevention
silly cartoon???? hey man that's "bill the cat" the only cat I think I could ever like!!!!!!!

btw, out here the gov. has ordered inspections yet again......last time they did that they found all these problems but didn't fix I'm sure this is yet another exercise in futility!!!!!
The bridge on Hwy 35 in Minneapolis was crossing the Mississippi near the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. The Bridge mentioned earlier between Bloomington and Burnsville is still standing.

Something like 140,000 cars passed on that bridge everyday. Horrible tradgedy for the families of the people who were killed or are still missing.

Say a prayer for them.
i have that same pic somewhere- i added santawear w/ paintshop for x-mas...btc rocks... not often the u.s. govt' shuts down a cartoon strip for freedom of speech rights....thats not the inductioni said aloud & the const. i swore to defend.
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