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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jun 5, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
Has anyone done something simple like Johnsonville brats on the smoker?? Id like to do some with 2 chickens im smokin tomrow. How long would they take at about 250, thats what i do my birds at.
Skinner, just about anything can go on a smoker. If it can go in an oven, then it can go on the smoker.

I do brats all the time, but I'm afraid I've never timed them. I'm guessing at that temp, an hour.........but then again I have no ffff....fffff....idea.

It just takes a split second to sneak a peak and check them, and turn them.

While your at it, throw some bisquites on there to eat w/the brats and chicken. Bisquites are best on a smoker, I just buy the ones you pop open and throw them on there. May want to start them on foil if your grates are too wide, they can kinda "ooozzzz" thru.

BTW,(you prob already know this) DON'T POKE THE BRATS! You will loose alot of juice, just eye-ball it. I take them off just before they split open, learned through trial and error.......usually more error.

Good luck
fffff.......fffffffff......forget you!

I thought that joke was funny as hell! Told it to my wife and she started laughing when I said ffff...ffff. Our house cat does it all the time to the dogs, funny now, pissed me off before. I hate cats.

I think it is hard to taste the smoke in a spiced up brat, I like the italian brats. But I've smoked other types and you can taste it, I think...........all our meat is smoked and we don't eat out much.

I'm not much help, but the casing won't bother. As far as I know

Cajun brats sound good!
I don't know about store bought brats, but I smoke mine all the time and they take a nice smoke. Hickor and apple are good for brats. I use colegen casings.

I smoke mine for about 3 hours but they are raw. I think the store ones are cooked already aren't they?

Just stick a thermometer in it until it gets to about 155° to 160°F.
These are not pre-cooked, but I know some brats are. Unsingers is in Milwaukee, WI. WI is known for their beer, sausage, and cheese. Unsingers is supposed to be one of the best sausage makers out there. They've been around since 1880. I have never tried them but will let you all know how good or bad they are.

Thanks for the help
When in doubt, whip the thermometer out! I think that 160 is the magic number for pork, someone correct me if I am wrong.

Poking holes in the casing can let some of the juices out, so maybe consider a smoke saute in a half inch of beer perhaps if they are prone to leaking. But the smoke will penetrate the casing poked or unpoked (Except plastic, but there are those that smoke balogna in the tube by poking holes in the plastic casing)
interestingly enough, johnsonville started making patty ones now, I actually picked up a few the other day, not bad but need to be thicker, so when I make my own version I'll give it a try at a "proper" size.....funny to see someones face when they think they are biting into a burger just to find that wonderful brat flavor..........
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