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    hi, i am new member from maine who has smoked on a wsm for about 4 yaers, mostly pork chicken and brisket. i occasionally throw in a top round roast or round eye.

    i am ready this late in the season up here to experiment a little. first thought is some bratwurst. picked some up from the local supermarket at a real good price. they are kayeem pale ale brats. i want to charcoal wood smoke them.

    anybody have temps times remps etc, i would appreciate.
  2. I smoked some brats and some chicken quarters about 2 weeks ago. I am not sure what the temp was, the smoker I was using had a not so good therm on it. I would guess about 260, just about the same as my brisket. Though it took about 3 hours for both to finish. I did have them foiled with some butter and onion quarters and monitored the moisture often to keep from drying out.
  3. smoked

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    well smoke at around 225 until internal is 160 basically....... [​IMG]
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    Just before they hit 150 throw some kraut on those bad boys!

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