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mangrove man

Original poster
Nov 25, 2006
Saint Pete Florida
I go by Mangrove Man because i'm heavy into inshore fishing and like to fish mangrove mazes from my kayak. I just bought a brinkmann verticle smoker and yesterday I smoked my first batch of salmon and they turned out great thanks to the info i lurked off this forum.

I live in St. Pete Florida i'm 40 and my Real name is Bill. I have a rare disease called Wegeners Granulmatosis that is slowly killing my kidneys. I'm on a renal diet so my food choices are limited but rather then being miserable i eat what ever i fancy and I've always enjoyed smoked food. So here I am against my doctors advice.

I have a big piece of Venison i need to cook this weekend so i'll be asking questions on that forum 1st....Keep an eye out for it please i need all the help I can get.

I look forward to getting to know you!
Stay well
Good to see we are not paddling alone! Here is a fish you won't find in you neck of the woods. Snook are like Bass only a whole lot bigger :D Pretty much the same lures and techniques tho'.
Bill, glad to have you with us. Life is too short as it is without all the limitations and restrictions that the medico want us to live with. I figure "Keep doing what you love, but try to exercise some moderation".

Looking forward to your posts.

Thanks Dutch, You are so right about life being to short. Back in January of this year when I was diagnosed I had just started to live. Was only married for a couple of years to the greatest woman alive and was the happiest I have ever been. The docs said you are about 8 weeks from being fertilizer unless we begin treatment today of chemo and steroids. so there goes my shot at having babies but then the worst news of all came when they told me mty diet would have to be restricted to save my kidneys. Imagine this...No potatoes, no beans, and only 8oz of meat per day...I nearly cried :cry: So after the shock wore off i decoded i was not gonna go out like Dr. Atkins and live life with ice cream...I'm gonna eat me some ice cream and cram as much joy into what ever time i have left.

The good news is i've learned a little about nutrition and just because the docs say it will happen don't mean it will....Docs believe in science but i believe in GOD and am still alive and kicking. The drugs sent my cholesteral to 440 :shock: but thru supplements like red yeast rice extract i'm down below 300..I'm actually beginning to believe I'll beat this much so it's become my attitude and the docs just scratch their heads...and write me more scripts.

My wife has Lupus but has been in dietary induced remission for over 5 years where before she was completly disabled. She's my hero for her food discipline and perhaps some of what I've learned can help a few of you on this forum.

Ilook forward to my time here!
Stay well
Welcome to SMF. Mangrove Man, your courage and will is admirable.
In 1996 I was diagnosed with cancer. I won't explain the details other than to say is was a type that is very fast growing and kills 96% of it's victims. I am 100% cured, and I'm sure if it were not for my faith, I would be occupying a container of some sorts, on the mantle.
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